2022: The Year in Fashion

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back at the trends, celebs, and moments that defined style in 2022.

year in review

The Year the Apocalypse Came to Fashion

It’s giving deconstruction, disarray, and decay.

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    If You Quit the Gym in the Winter, Allyson Felix Wants to Have a WordFelix on her Athleta collection, training, and motherhood.
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    Could Anyone Keep Track of This Year’s Microtrends?In 2022, fashion was defined by the hyperspecific avatars we chose to shape our wardrobes.
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    The Most Unhinged Celebrity Antics of 2022It’s time to reflect on the year and ask ourselves: Which famous people were involved in the silliest scandals?
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    This TikToker Spent 2022 Reviewing Luxury-Store BathroomsWhen you’re about to drop $2,000 but you’ve really gotta No. 2.
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    Y2K Style Is My Back-to-School NightmareIt’s impossible for me to untangle early-aughts style from the mortifications of being a teen.
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    The Year of the Dude SkirtIs it a trend if only a handful of people — in a handful of spaces — can get away with it?
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    The Best Sh*t Cut Editors Bought This YearGame changers.
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    The Year I Spent With My Butt OutSee-through skirts and slip dresses became essential parts of my regular wardrobe. What’s next?
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    The Year Men FloppedIn the year of our Lord 2022, some of the most famous and richest men were also the most embarrassing.
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    Why Do All My AI Avatars Have Huge Boobs?My Lensa avatars were strikingly different from the ones I bought of my husband.
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    It Was Julia Fox’s YearAnd Julia Fox’s year only.
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    Celeb-Backed Products Got Wild This YearWould you buy a $2,000 cashmere shirt from Brad Pitt? How about an antimicrobial sponge from Eva Mendes?
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    Madelyn Cline Will Prove You WrongLike her Glass Onion character, Madelyn Cline is determined to show you there’s more to her than meets the eye.
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    The 32 Most Absurd Accessories of 2022From joots to balloon shoes.
  15. year in review
    The Dad-ification of FashionThe “dad vibe” is all about comfort, function, and nonchalance, like an outfit you just threw on to run to Lowe’s.
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    The Year in Viral Celebrity FashionRihanna redefined maternity, Florence Pugh showed us revenge dressing, and Heidi Klum was a worm.
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    The Uncompromising Danai GuriraThe Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star is in pursuit of exactly what she wants.