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  1. 420 blaze it
    How to Celebrate 4/20 in Your 30sA beginner’s guide to this High Holiday.
  2. weed
    7 Things That Are Fun to Watch When StonedYes, we did wait till the end of the day on 4/20 to publish this. We regret nothing.
  3. what time is it?
    Why Bother With 4/20 When Time Is Meaningless?San Francisco’s mayor warned those celebrating the upcoming festivities from congregating with each other.
  4. dope
    Milk Makeup Made More Weed Products for YouHappy holidays from the Kush fam!
  5. printed matters
    This New Magazine Makes Every Day 4/20Meet Gossamer.
  6. 420
    You Won’t Be Able to Smoke Weed at Coachella, Even Though It’s Technically LegalCoachella giveth and Coachella taketh away.
  7. hot shot
    Jared Kushner Spotted Wearing Incredibly Chill Name Tag During Iraq VisitNice.
  8. 420
    Portable Toilet Can’t Stop Telling Everyone How Much It Loves WeedWe get it.
  9. 420
    Snoop Dogg Is Making His Own Broad CityThe female pot-comedy is experiencing a renaissance.
  10. runner’s high
    You Wanna Get High, Man? Go for a Run.420? More like 26.2.
  11. wedding guests
    How to Pose in Wedding Photos When You’re Standing Next to Rihanna#Rihanna at the #420Daviswedding.
  12. weed week
    Watch: The Cut’s Supercut of the Best Pot-Smoking Ladies Ever on FilmLadies, spark your bongs.
  13. scene stealers
    Street Style: The People at Coachella on 4/20Where better to “celebrate” this “holiday”?