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  1. power
    Disgraced Ex-Abercrombie CEO Loses $1 Million Annual PaymentMike Jeffries has been accused of exploiting his position to run a sex-trafficking ring.
  2. power
    Former Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Accused of Sexual ExploitationIn an investigation by BBC News, multiple men say the mogul coerced them into performing sex acts under the guise of modeling opportunities.
  3. popular
    A Micro-History of Popular-Crowd Brands Over the YearsFrom Benetton to Brandy Melville, what the cool clique wore, decade by decade.
  4. new faces
    Abercrombie’s New Face Is a Badass South Asian YouTube ActivistModel Neelam Gill stars in the brand’s latest campaign.
  5. justice league
    The Supreme Court Rules That Abercrombie Engaged in Religious Discrimination The decision passed with an 8–1 vote.
  6. Abercrombie Gave Its Corporate Jet the Heave-HoCorporate Kondo-ing.
  7. fashion gets serious
    The Supreme Court Heard Abercrombie’s Discrimination Case TodayThe retailer defended its controversial “look policy.”
  8. perfume genius
    Abercrombie Reduced Its Musk Levels by 25 Percent to Stay RelevantOlfactory math.
  9. year in review
    Fashion in 2014, From the Sublime to the RidiculousNormcore, Pharrell’s hat, and one particularly oily butt.
  10. retirees
    Abercrombie’s CEO Abruptly Retired“Effective immediately.”
  11. abercrombie
    Researchers Suggest Abercrombie’s Scent Gives Shoppers AnxietyNoxious fumes. 
  12. abercrombie
    Abercrombie Will No Longer Be Your Mall’s Resident Techno CaveToning down the club vibes, nixing the moose logos. 
  13. retail
    Why Abercrombie Is Losing Its ShirtNobody knew teenagers like the retailer and its eccentric leader, Mike Jeffries. But taste can be so fickle.  
  14. yoga pants for the people
    Lululemon Shamed for Fat-ShamingAre retail strategy and body love incompatible?
  15. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Topless Alexander Ludwig Cradles a PuppyAbercrombie & Fitch, always toying with our heartstrings.
  16. drag
    Large Abercrombie & Fitch Employees Forced to Wear Men’s ClothingThis sounds illegal.
  17. photos or it didn’t happen
    That One Time Jennifer Lawrence Modeled for AbercrombieThe photos were never published.
  18. crazy lawsuits
    Lawsuit: Abercrombie Jet Requires Pantless StaffLike a preppy fetish party midair.
  19. Twenty-five Offbeat Scarves for an Upbeat FallLoop, tie, and wrap them to transform your look.
  20. party poopers
    Savile Row Outlaws Abercrombie’s Opening PartyA parade of shirtless males will not be tolerated.
  21. loose threads
    Tyra Banks’s GIF Party; Lara Stone for Calvin Klein UnderwearPlus, Natalia Vodianova covers Vogue Russia.
  22. money troubles
    Abercrombie Curtails European Expansion PlansNow, that’s a plan!
  23. lawsuits
    Model Jerked Around by Abercrombie & Fitch, Now Suing for $1 MillionYuckies.
  24. loose threads
    Ugg’s New ‘Upscale’ Men’s Collection; Abercrombie’s ‘Gay’ KissPlus, Tracy Reese on Trayvon’s hoodie, workout advice from Ice-T’s wife, Coco, and more fashion news.
  25. racist pants
    Bootleg Abercrombie Website Sells Racist PantsThanks to a bad Chinese translation.
  26. turf wars
    British Tailors Object to Abercrombie & Fitch’s Prospective Store on Savile RowThe plans don’t suit them at all.
  27. make no mistake
    Abercrombie Staff Members Forced to Do Push-ups as PunishmentJust the male ones, though — ladies get to do squat thrusts.
  28. money troubles
    Abercrombie & Fitch on the RetreatThey’re closing almost a third of their stores by 2015.
  29. loose threads
    Abercrombie Still Popular; VS Model QuitsPlus, jewelry label Erickson Beamon’s new clothing line, Scarlett Johannson’s avoidance of Fashion Week, and more fashion news.
  30. orange people
    Abercrombie & Fitch Filed Their Defense Against The Situation’s Lawsuit They want the Sitch’s case dismissed.
  31. loose threads
    Gisele Is Green; Galliano Atelier Wins AwardPlus, Nicola Formichetti covers a new issue of L’Officiel Hommes with a butterfly on his eye.
  32. money trouble
    Abercrombie & Fitch’s European Expansion Isn’t Going So WellPricey hoodies apparently aren’t as popular as people thought.
  33. loose threads
    Abercrombie Fined by Immigration Authorities; Pierre Cardin Returns to RunwayAlso, people used to tell Daisy Lowe she had bad skin.
  34. store closings
    Abercrombie & Fitch Will Close 60 Stores, Despite ProfitsBut they’ll open a good number of stores overseas, where people are much more into the merchandise.
  35. scantily clad hotties
    The Resurrected A&F Quarterly Contains More Male Nudity Than Female NudityAlso, some soft-core threesome action.
  36. vermin!
    Video: Meet the People Who Risked Mingling With Bedbugs to Shop at Abercrombie and HollisterAnd check out the protective bedbug suit the professionals wear to enter bedbug danger zones.
  37. vermin!
    The Bedbug Abercrombie Reopens Today!Talk about itching with excitement!
  38. vermin!
    Is Hollister’s Bedbug Problem Really Solved?It’s impossible to say, but probably not.
  39. vermin!
    Proof That Bedbugs Love Frat Boys: Abercrombie & Fitch Is the Newest VictimPopped collars are like manna for bloodsuckers.
  40. loose threads
    Stephanie Pratt May Join The City; Miu Miu’s Fall Campaign RevealedPlus, Repetto and Commes des Garçons to collaborate on a line of pumps.
  41. crimes of fashion
    How Ten Other Retailers’ Dress Codes Compare to American ApparelDov Charney thinks it’s a witch hunt. Judging by the evidence, he may be right.
  42. hissssssss
    New Policy Forces Abercrombie Employees to Work Six Hours Before a BreakThey’re not happy about it.
  43. this store may be screwed
    Foreigners Are Ravenous for AbercrombieOne man’s trash …
  44. we don’t think we’re ready for this jelly
    Abercrombie’s Sales Are Finally Up!They still lost money, but not nearly as much as they had been losing! It’s incredible!
  45. flyin’ first class livin’ my life
    When Abercrombie Fails, Its CEO Makes $36.3 MillionThe compensation package includes $810,000 for personal use of the company jet!
  46. flyin’ first class livin’ my life
    Abercrombie CEO to Be Paid $4 Million to Make Fewer Personal Trips on the Company’s Private JetMan, they’re really frugal now!
  47. this store may be screwed
    Abercrombie Lands on List of Worst CompaniesAlong with Weight Watchers.
  48. this store may be screwed
    Abercrombie’s Sales Rose, But Not As Much As Expected
  49. this store may be screwed
    Abercrombie to Continue Deep Discounts on ‘Stale Styles’They don’t care if they lose more money as long as people finally start buying stuff.
  50. this store may be screwed
    Japanese Shoppers Freaked Out by Singing, Dancing, Shirtless Staff at Tokyo AbercrombieAlso, the store reeks.
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