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  1. huh
    You Can Now Own a Pair of Jeans Without a Crotch or Pant Legs for $400So useful.
  2. abominations
    Men Are Supposedly Going on Bro Trips to Get VasectomiesThey’re “bro-sectomies,” apparently.
  3. abominations
    Please Do Not Snort Chocolate to Get HighLike an energy drink, except that it might form a chocolatey paste in your sinuses.
  4. abominations
    Would You Wear This $3,000 Dress Made of Straw Hats?Part Comme des Garçons, part Jane Birkin.
  5. abominations
    These Detachable Jorts Make Me Want to Scream Eternally Into the VoidThe latest in jean abominations.
  6. abominations
    The Most Ridiculous Jeans Styles of the Year, RankedFrom clear-knee jeans to fake mud to jeans that show off your entire bare butt.