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Abortion Rights 2017

  1. my two cents
    What If I Can’t Afford an Abortion?How to build your own safety net.
  2. abortion rights 2017
    Trump Administration Threatens Abortion Access for Immigrant Minors in TexasThe ACLU is fighting one case in an emergency hearing.
  3. A New Threat to Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic Moved in Across the StreetA pro-life center has moved in 100 yards from the state’s last standing reproductive-health clinic.
  4. A Baffling Supercut of Everything Kellyanne Conway Has Said About AbortionVIDEO: “The fetus beat us.”
  5. Pennsylvania 20-Week Abortion Ban Bill Advances to State SenateThe bill has no exceptions for rape or incest.
  6. reproductive freedom
    How to Plan an Abortion in the Surveillance StateGoogling and texting are second nature to most of us, but thinking about how to secure communication isn’t.
  7. How Difficult Is It to Get an Abortion in Your State?Don’t assume you know your rights.
  8. from the archives
    The Year New York Almost Lost the Right to ChoosePolitics and service journalism from the early era of legal abortion.
  9. abortion rights 2017
    What Abortion Looks Like in America Right NowSeven stories about a pro-choice movement under attack.
  10. the body politic
    Fake News and Why Doctors Lie About AbortionThe consequences of bad information about women’s health.
  11. timeline
    Timeline: The 200-Year Fight for Abortion AccessWe tend to take reproductive rights for granted, but from a historical ­perspective, they were won almost yesterday.
  12. cut cover story
    Warning: Abortion’s Deadly DIY Past Could Soon Become Its FutureAnd overturning Roe might not even be the endgame.
  13. reproductive rights
    9 Things People Get Wrong About Planned ParenthoodKnowledge is power.