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  1. abortion rights
    Mississippi Is Set to Pass the Most Restrictive Abortion Law in the U.S.Both the state’s House and Senate have passed the bill, and the Republican governor has indicated that he’ll sign it.
  2. washington
    Republican Bill Banning 20-Week Abortions Just Failed in SenateThe Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act was defeated 51 to 46.
  3. ch-ch-ch-changes
    The President of Planned Parenthood Is Stepping DownShe’s led the organization for over a decade.
  4. abortion rights
    Trump Became First Sitting President to Make Live-Video Speech at March for Life“Americans are more and more pro-life, you see that all the time.”
  5. reproductive rights
    Ohio Governor John Kasich Just Banned Abortions for Down Syndrome Diagnoses“They’re very much pro-birth bills; they have nothing to do with actual life.”
  6. abortion rights
    Judge Rules Two Undocumented Women in Federal Custody Can Have Abortions“The judge’s decision is a reminder that both the law and justice are on our side,” ACLU lawyer Brigitte Amiri said.
  7. politics
    Meet the Texas Lawyer Who Helped an Undocumented Teen Fight for an AbortionRochelle Garza was a court-appointed attorney in a case that quickly showed up in national headlines.
  8. politics
    Anti-Abortion Congressman Resigns After Abortion ScandalRepresentative Tim Murphy handed in his resignation.
  9. hugh hefner
    Playboy Magazine’s Unlikely History of Abortion-Rights ActivismIn the decade before Roe v. Wade, Hugh Hefner covered abortion in almost every single issue of his magazine.
  10. reproductive rights
    Texas Judge Blocks Law Banning Common Abortion ProcedureA federal judge temporarily stopped the law from taking effect.
  11. bearing children
    Ending a Pregnancy Because of Down Syndrome Is Not a Precursor to EugenicsIt’s a personal choice.
  12. Watch Elizabeth Warren School Republicans on What Planned Parenthood Does“I am sick of coming down to the Senate floor to explain to Republicans what Planned Parenthood does.”
  13. Online Abortion Services May Be Safe for Women in Certain Areas, Study SaysA study found that this may be a good option for women in countries with restrictive abortion laws.
  14. What TV Is Getting Wrong (and Right) About Abortion▶️ Across all cable-news programs, 64 percent of segments on abortion contained inaccurate information.
  15. Trump Expands Abortion-Funding Rule That Will Affect Women’s Health WorldwideIt will now affect $9 billion in aid for groups fighting malaria, Ebola, HIV, and more.
  16. politics
    Alaska House Reprimands Lawmaker Who Said Women Get Abortions for a ‘Free Trip’The House took the unusual measure of voting to censure David Eastman.
  17. Facebook Backtracks After Deleting the Page of an Abortion-Pill OrganizationFacebook says it banned Women on Web “in error.”
  18. abortion rights
    Alaska State Rep Says Women Get Abortions for the ‘Free Trip to the City’Interesting logic from Representative David Eastman.
  19. abortion rights
    The South’s Most Famous Abortion Doctor Is Also a Devout ChristianDr. Willie Parker says his devout Christianity makes him even more of a target for anti-abortion zealots.
  20. This New State Law Requires Doctors to Investigate Women Seeking AbortionsHB 1434 purports to ban sex-selection abortions, but requires doctors to go through women’s medical records.
  21. Anti-Abortion Activists Behind Planned Parenthood Video to Face Criminal ChargesCalifornia’s attorney general filed a warrant for the activists’ arrest.
  22. horrible things
    Politician Defends Anti-Abortion Bill: ‘God Can Bring Beauty From Ashes’The bill would penalize doctors who perform abortions due to “genetic abnormality,” even in cases of rape or incest.
  23. abortion rights
    Your Guide to All the Crazy Abortion Legislation Happening in TexasTexas lawmakers are doubling down.
  24. People Are Sharing Their Abortion Stories on the Steps of the U.S. CapitolThey’re also meeting with members of Congress as part of the 1 in 3 Campaign’s Lobby Day and Speakout.
  25. abortion rights
    Texas Lawmaker Proposes Fining Men $100 Every Time They MasturbateIn the face of Texas abortion restrictions, State Rep. Jessica Farrar has introduced a satirical bill giving men a taste of their own medicine.
  26. Oklahoma Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Says Women Are Merely ‘Hosts’“What I call them is, is you’re a ‘host.’”
  27. This New Arkansas Law Could Allow Fathers to Block AbortionsEven in cases of spousal rape or incest.
  28. abortion rights
    Cuomo Wants to Make Roe v. Wade Part of New York’s State Constitution“As Washington seeks to limit women’s rights, we seek to protect them.”
  29. abortion rights
    Mike Pence Will Speak at an Anti-Abortion March in D.C. TomorrowAnother symbol of the administration’s commitment to rolling back abortion access.
  30. Democrats Are Fighting Back Against Trump’s Recent Anti-Abortion MoveTrump reinstated the rule on Monday.
  31. reproductive rights
    State Rep.: Criminalizing Abortion Would Women Force Women to Be ‘Responsible’Tony Tinderholt, the Texas lawmaker attempting to make abortion illegal in his state, spoke to the Texas Observer about his bill.
  32. Contrary to What Spicer Says, Taxpayer Dollars Don’t Fund Abortions OverseasDissecting Sean Spicer’s statement about the Mexico City Policy.
  33. Here’s What Will Happen if Roe v. Wade Is OverturnedMore than 37 million women will be affected.
  34. abortion rights
    Over 1 Million New York Women to Have Access to Free Contraception and AbortionsAndrew Cuomo’s announcement comes alongside the Women’s March.
  35. from the archives
    The Year New York Almost Lost the Right to ChoosePolitics and service journalism from the early era of legal abortion.
  36. timeline
    Timeline: The 200-Year Fight for Abortion AccessWe tend to take reproductive rights for granted, but from a historical ­perspective, they were won almost yesterday.
  37. abortion
    A New Bill Introduced in Congress Would Constitute a Total Abortion BanRepresentative Steve King brought forward a new fetal “heartbeat bill.”
  38. cut cover story
    Warning: Abortion’s Deadly DIY Past Could Soon Become Its FutureAnd overturning Roe might not even be the endgame.
  39. A Huge Percentage of Americans Oppose Overturning Roe v. WadeA new report finds most Americans want Roe upheld.
  40. abortion rights
    Planned Parenthood Takes Texas Back to CourtThe state is taking final steps to cut Planned Parenthood from its network of Medicaid providers.
  41. politics
    106 Members of Congress Sign a Letter Asking Trump to Protect Abortion Access“These bans restrict the health coverage of millions of women across the country.”
  42. Horrible Texas Rule Requiring Women to Cremate Fetal Remains Temporarily BlockedA judge issued a temporary restraining order against the regulations.
  43. witch hunts
    Republicans Want the Department of Justice to Investigate Planned ParenthoodA new report released Tuesday calls on the DOJ to investigate claims Planned Parenthood and its affiliates sold fetal tissue.
  44. Being Denied an Abortion Is Worse for Women’s Mental Health Than Getting OneA study found that abortion isn’t linked to negative mental-health consequences.
  45. Activists Just Scored a Major Victory for Abortion Rights in OklahomaOklahoma Supreme Court blocked a law requiring hospital-admitting privileges for abortion doctors.
  46. Abortion Activists Are Fighting Back Against Texas’s Fetal-Remains RuleThe lawsuit seeks to block the rule from being implemented.
  47. Here’s Why the 6-Week Abortion Ban in Ohio Is So TerrifyingMost women don’t know they’re pregnant at six weeks.
  48. abortion rights
    Ohio Legislature Approves Ultrastrict ‘Heartbeat Bill’ on AbortionThe bill would restrict abortions at the first sign of a fetal heartbeat, typically around six weeks into a pregnancy.
  49. This Country Compensated a Woman Who Had to Travel to Get an AbortionShe had to travel to avoid Ireland’s strict anti-abortion laws.
  50. shmashmortion
    Reproductive Rights Are Already Under AttackReproductive-rights groups have filed three lawsuits to challenge unnecessary abortion restrictions.
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