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  1. life after roe
    What It Takes to Claw Back Abortion Rights in CourtA lawyer behind challenges in ban states explains the narrow focus on clarifying medical exceptions.
  2. politics
    The Biden Campaign Is Finally Talking About AbortionBut it needs to do a lot more than just remind voters it wants to restore Roe.
  3. life after roe
    The Supreme Court Will Decide on Abortion-Pill AccessThe justices have agreed to hear a legal battle that will determine whether mifepristone remains widely available.
  4. life after roe
    Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Woman Who Sued for Emergency AbortionHours before the ruling, Kate Cox left the state to terminate her pregnancy elsewhere as her health deteriorated.
  5. life after roe
    Abortion Rights Swept the 2023 ElectionsVoters enshrined abortion rights in the Ohio constitution and elected pro-choice candidates in Virginia and Kentucky.
  6. life after roe
    An Idaho Kidnapping Case Centers on Out-of-State AbortionAnd anti-abortion activists are already using it to advocate for cracking down on interstate travel for abortion seekers.
  7. life after roe
    Roe’s Fall Actually Led to More Legal AbortionsBut the strain it’s put on clinics and abortion funds isn’t sustainable, according to a new report.
  8. culture
    Britney Spears Recalls Having an Abortion While Dating Justin TimberlakeIn her new memoir, she writes that “he didn’t want to be a father” and thought they were “way too young.”
  9. life after roe
    Nebraska Mom Gets Two Years in Prison in Abortion-Pill CaseThe woman was accused of helping her daughter self-manage an abortion, which in itself is not illegal, and disposing of the remains.
  10. life after roe
    Appointments Fill Up As Abortion Returns to WisconsinPlanned Parenthood clinics are once again offering abortions while a legal challenge to the state’s feticide law plays out.
  11. power
    How the Criminal-Justice System Is Targeting Pregnant PeopleA new report unpacks a spike in arrests in the years leading up to the overturn of Roe — most of which happened in just five states.
  12. life after roe
    More People Denied Abortions Challenge Their States’ BansWomen who say they were denied care in medical emergencies are now taking legal action against Idaho, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.
  13. life after roe
    It Sounds Like Florida Is About to Lose Abortion AccessThe state’s Supreme Court, including a chief justice who suggested fetuses are human beings, appears open to paving the way for a six-week ban.
  14. abortion
    Why Were There Fetuses in Her Refrigerator?How a radical abortion opponent ended up dumpster-diving for remains.
  15. life after roe
    Fact-Checking the GOP Presidential Candidates on AbortionThe first Republican debate was chock-full of misinformation and one highly dubious anecdote about a fetus in a pan.
  16. q&a
    Abused by the StateKylie Cheung’s book argues that our government — from abortion bans to the voting booth — prevents survivors from fully participating in public life.
  17. life after roe
    A Tale of Two Abortion ClinicsLaDonna Prince’s clinic has served Indiana for decades. Now she’s looking to Illinois, where her new facility has already been attacked twice.
  18. life after roe
    Texas Won’t Stop Torturing Women Denied AbortionsThe state’s lawyers are gaslighting patients, who gave emotional testimony about their pregnancy complications.
  19. life after roe
    700 Calls, 260 Appointments, 30 DaysIn the weeks before North Carolina’s abortion ban became law, the Carolina Abortion Fund rushed to help as many patients as possible.
  20. life after roe
    Closing the Door on Motherhood Making the choice while the choice is mine to make.
  21. life after roe
    Nearly 10,000 Extra Births Followed Texas Abortion BanA new study shows many people unable to access abortion services were forced to continue pregnancies to term.
  22. life after roe
    Find an AbortionAn exhaustive guide to the clinics still open in each state, how to reach them, and the services they offer.
  23. life after roe
    Texas Woman Had Stillbirth After Hospital Threatened HerA woman whose water broke at 19 weeks says in a lawsuit that she was warned she’d face criminal charges if she left to seek abortion care.
  24. life after roe
    The Last Stand Against North Carolina’s 12-Week BanAbortion rights supporters packed the General Assembly in hopes of swaying even one lawmaker to sustain a veto.
  25. life after roe
    Texas Man Fatally Shoots His Ex After She Got an AbortionThe 26-year-old woman had earlier reported her ex to police over a pattern of alleged domestic violence.
  26. life after roe
    The Betrayal of North Carolina’s 12-Week Abortion BanRepublicans’ “pro-woman” bill will destroy abortion access for people across the South.
  27. life after roe
    Texas Man Who Sued Over Ex-Wife’s Abortion Is ‘Serial Emotional Abuser’Friends allege the man knew about his ex-wife’s plans to take abortion pills and is suing them for helping her leave the marriage.
  28. life after roe
    The Impending Disaster of Florida’s 6-Week Abortion BanA 15-week ban already presents harrowing challenges for pregnant folks, according to State Senator Lauren Book, and it’s only going to get worse.
  29. celebrity
    Minka Kelly Unpacks Toxic Relationships in New MemoirThe actor opens up about her volatile relationship with her mom, harrowing experiences with an ex, and hurtful breakup with a co-star.
  30. life after roe
    What to Know About Misoprostol-Only AbortionEven if the FDA’s approval of mifepristone is ultimately suspended, a safe, albeit less effective, medication-abortion option remains available.
  31. politics
    Idaho Just Made Up a New Class of Abortion CrimesAdults may now be imprisoned for “abortion-trafficking” minors (or, helping them end unwanted pregnancies).
  32. life after roe
    Why Is a Pro-Choice Lawmaker Handing Republicans the Power to Ban Abortion? Something truly bizarre is going down in North Carolina.
  33. life after roe
    Janet Protasiewicz Wins Wisconsin’s Supreme Court RaceMore proof that abortion wins elections.
  34. the body politic
    Abortion Wins ElectionsThe fight to make reproductive rights the centerpiece of the Democratic Party’s 2024 agenda.
  35. life after roe
    How Dobbs Upended Med Students’ FuturesAspiring doctors now must consider what kind of care they’ll learn to provide and how their placement could impact their own family planning.
  36. life after roe
    Texas Man Sues Women He Alleges Got Abortion Pills for His ExThe man filed a wrongful death claim over the alleged abortion about a month after his divorce was finalized.
  37. life after roe
    A Woman Has Been Charged for Allegedly Taking Abortion PillsThe woman had a stillbirth in 2021 in South Carolina, which explicitly criminalizes self-managed abortion. She was arrested this week.
  38. sexual assault
    Paris Hilton Reveals That She Was Drugged and Raped at 15She also shared her opinion on Roe v. Wade and her own abortion story.
  39. life after roe
    Where the Abortion-Rights Fight Is HeadedAdvocates are watching out for the sneaky new measures lawmakers are taking to make life hell for abortion seekers.
  40. life after roe
    A Texas Single Mother’s Abortion Story“It’s like the system is set up to fail mothers. We can’t survive like this.”
  41. abortion rights
    Puerto Rico Is an Abortion Haven — Just Not for LocalsThe archipelago doesn’t restrict abortion, but residents face a number of obstacles to getting care.
  42. reasons to love new york
    No Matter Where You Live, New Yorkers Can Help You Get an AbortionAnd we’ll pay for it, too.
  43. power
    The Herschel Walker Campaign Keeps Getting MessierJane Doe, who alleged the pro-life Senate candidate encouraged her to have an abortion, challenged him to meet her in person before the runoff.
  44. life after roe
    She Beat Abortion Foes in Kansas. Then She Did It Again in Kentucky.The architect of abortion-rights wins in red states explains how to convince voters to support the right to choose.
  45. life after roe
    The Pilots Flying Abortion Patients Across State LinesElevated Access is circumventing restrictive trigger legislation, bounty laws, and all-out bans from a couple of thousand feet in the air.
  46. life after roe
    It Was a Good Night for Abortion RightsFrom Michigan to Kentucky, voters turned out to protect access.
  47. abortion rights
    Where Republican Midterm Candidates Really Stand on AbortionOnly five responded to a Cut survey, so we set the record straight on the rest.
  48. life after roe
    Roe’s Fall Meant 10,000 Fewer Legal Abortions in Two MonthsAccording to new data, clinician-performed procedures dropped by 6 percent across the country.
  49. first person
    My Childhood Under Northern Ireland’s Abortion BanWhere do its consequences begin and end?
  50. dads
    Republicans Have a Dad ProblemConservative fathers explain why the fall of Roe is motivating them to vote for Democrats in November.
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