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    How to Make the Weekend Feel LongerTime feels like it’s passing more slowly when you break out of your routines.
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    To Get Better at Time Management, Borrow a Training Strategy From Elite AthletesIt’s like high-intensity interval training for the workday.
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    The Art and Science of Comedic TimingIt doesn’t work the way you think. (Except when it … does.)
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    The Hazy Science of Day DrinkingDo our bodies know the difference between day drinking and night drinking?
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    How the Abstract Way We Talk About Time Can Make You Miss a MeetingA cognitive scientist investigates the surprisingly confusing phrase, “Let’s move the meeting forward two days.”
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    Babies Aren’t Born With a Sense of Time — Here’s How They Learn How It WorksIt’s a few steps from getting on to a regular sleep schedule to understanding what a second or a minute feels like.