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Absolutely Fabulous

  1. swellness
    Wellness Secrets From the Absolutely Fabulous PremiereJoanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, Cynthia Erivo, Chris Colfer, and more on failed juice cleanses.
  2. sweetie darlings
    Absolutely Fabulous Stars Talk Killing Kate MossJennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley discuss their new movie.
  3. dream casts
    Who Isn’t Cameoing in the Ab Fab Movie?Cara Delevingne just joined the cast.
  4. sweetie darlings
    Kate Moss Dies at the End of the Ab Fab MovieShe’s a good sport.
  5. loose threads
    Emma Stone Covers Vogue Best Dressed; Shopbop to Sell MenswearPlus, Susie Bubble writes for Business of Fashion now.
  6. loose threads
    Testino Takes Wintour’s Passport Photo; Gaultier and Aeffe SpA Break UpPlus, reflective reflections cover Spanish Harper’s Bazaar.
  7. loose threads
    More on CFDA and Target; Condé Nast EmployeesPlus, Downton Abbey covers Love.
  8. not the kind that grows on trees
    Video: Kate Moss Endures an Age Joke on Ab FabShe’s only 38, silly!
  9. when models act
    Kate Moss to Cameo on Absolutely FabulousWhy, that’s absolutely fabulous news.
  10. campaign trail
    Ab Fab’s Edina and Patsy Front Alexis Bittar’s New Ad CampaignThe pictures are missing a bottle of Stoli vodka, though.
  11. ab fab
    Ab Fab’s Edina Inspiration Disses LacroixChristian Lacroix isn’t her thing apparently.
  12. fabulous news
    More Details on Stella McCartney’s Absolutely Fabulous CameoJennifer Saunders’s character Edina decides to stalk her, basically.
  13. fabulous news
    Stella McCartney to Appear on Absolutely Fabulous“Get ready for this sweetie.”
  14. beauty marks
    Joanna Lumley: 61 and Happily Wrinkled!Yes! Actresses who live in their own God-given unpulled skin do exist and look fabulous.