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  1. Trump Administration Quietly Cut $213 Million in Funds to Prevent Teen PregnancyResearchers say their work up to this point will go to waste.
  2. women’s health
    Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Failing Texas TeensThe state has yet to adopt progressive policies that are working to reduce the teen-pregnancy rate elsewhere.
  3. politics
    Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Invest $277 Million in Abstinence-Only EducationEven though abstinence-only programs don’t work.
  4. first person
    When Good Christian Girls Need Planned ParenthoodThey were there for me when no one else was.
  5. sex ed
    Mike Pence Doesn’t Understand How Condoms WorkTrump’s running mate needs some help here.
  6. you don’t say
    Take One Guess How Well Abstinence-Only Sex Education WorksThe keep-your-legs-closed tactic is pretty worthless.
  7. Did Miss Universe Just Dump Tim Tebow Because He Won’t Bone? Football’s most famous virgin is reportedly back on the market.
  8. video
    John Oliver Made a Helpful, Easy-to-Understand Sex-Ed Video Featuring a condom-on-banana demonstration by Laverne Cox.
  9. relationships
    After Marriage, What Happens to Men Who Took Virginity Pledges?An unexplored abstinence-only problem. 
  10. activism
    Sex Strike in Colombia Sees ResultsFor now, at least.
  11. q&a
    Q&A: The Fashion Editor Who Resisted Sex for 12 YearsThe Cut talks to French writer Sophie Fontanel about her long abstinence and the book it inspired.