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    How to Help Civilian Victims of the Israel-Hamas WarHamas’s attacks and Israel’s military response and its blockade of Gaza have created a large-scale humanitarian crisis.
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    How to Fight Period PovertyFour ways to help get menstrual products to those who need them.
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    How to Help People Affected by Hurricane IdaliaHundreds of thousands of homes in the Southeast are still without power.
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    How to Help Maui’s Wildfire VictimsThe death toll from the devastating blaze has risen to 106.
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    How to Help Those Impacted by the Canadian WildfiresMore than 20,000 people have been displaced from their homes so far — here are a few things you can do.
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    How to Help the People of Turkey and SyriaWeeks after two powerful earthquakes killed more than 46,000 people, another one hit Turkey.
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    How to Help Those Impacted by Hurricane IanAs of Friday, nearly 2 million people in Florida were still without power.
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    How to Help Puerto Rico After Hurricane FionaAfter spurring catastrophic flooding and mass power outages in Puerto Rico, the Category 3 storm is moving through the Caribbean.
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    How to Help Those Suffering Amid the Heat WaveMillions of Americans are expected to see dangerous temperatures this weekend.
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    Where to Donate to Support Domestic-Violence SurvivorsThe aftermath of the Depp v. Heard trial is as good a time as any to volunteer time or resources.
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    How to Help the Uvalde CommunityFrom supporting Robb Elementary School families to pressing for gun-control legislation.
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    How to Help the People of UkraineWhere to donate to support those on the ground as the Russian invasion escalates.
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    What Can You Actually Do About Climate Change?We asked experts about which individual actions really make a difference.
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    How to Help Victims of Hurricane IdaThe Category 4 hurricane whipped through Louisiana over the weekend, knocking out power for 1 million people.
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    How to Help Those Facing EvictionAfter this week’s Supreme Court ruling, hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of losing their homes.
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    How to Help HaitiOver 1,200 are dead after the Caribbean nation was hit with a 7.2-magnitude earthquake, and a tropical depression could mean further devastation.
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    How to Help During the West Coast FiresAs massive wildfires yet again tear across the region, here are some places to donate to help displaced individuals and combat the climate crisis.
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    How to Help During the Pacific Northwest Heat WaveA heat dome is bringing dangerously high temperatures to areas where many are without AC.
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    How to Help Combat Anti-Asian American ViolenceOrganizations to donate to and actions to take in the wake of the Atlanta spa shooting.
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    How to Help People in Texas Right NowDonate to mutual-aid networks, volunteer at warming centers, and more.
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    You Can Still Help Defeat Trump TodaySeven last-minute actions you can take on Election Day.
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    Learn How to Spot Voter Suppression on Election Day — and Fight BackTake a virtual voter defense training.
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    Help 6 Black Women Make History in TexasThe “Sisters in Law” are running to be judges in a county that hasn’t had seen a Black woman elected since 1994.
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    It Has Never Been Easier to Phone Bank in Swing StatesAnd it feels really good!
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    Take 30 Seconds to Find Your Early-Voting Polling SiteIn a number of states, you can already cast your vote.
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    So You Want to Get Involved in Mutual AidA comprehensive guide, including how to get involved.
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    How to Become a Poll WorkerNationwide, we’re facing a shortage of volunteers to staff voting sites in the upcoming election. Here’s how to help.
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    It Will Take You Two Minutes to Help Impact Florida ElectionsBy paying off fines and fees for voters with felony convictions.
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    13 Down-Ballot Races You Should Be Excited AboutFrom New York to Texas, here are the progressive candidates to watch.