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Actually Good Things

  1. actually good things
    Everyone Loves This Story About Charles Barkley’s Unlikely Bond With a ScientistShirley Wang’s story about her father’s unexpected friendship with Barkley is going viral.
  2. actually good things
    This Domestic-Violence Shelter Will Be Custom-Built So Women Can Bring PetsVictims are often too afraid to leave an abusive situation because they don’t want to abandon their animals.
  3. 14 Good Things That Happened During Trump’s First Year in OfficeIt wasn’t all bad news.
  4. actually good things
    2017 Was the Year We Became Jenny Slate SuperfansWe went truly, fully fangirl on her this year.
  5. actually good things
    You Need to See Barack Obama Play SantaHe delivered gifts and all.
  6. actually good things
    Watch This Teen Help an Exhausted Runner Win a MarathonTeamwork makes the dream work.
  7. actually good things
    Nicki Minaj Has Been Quietly Donating Money to a Village in India for Years“Our work is far from done.”
  8. actually good things
    Very Chill Cabin Crew Helps Mother Give Birth Mid-FlightThe Turkish Airlines in-flight crew had their hands full.
  9. actually good things
    Chrissy Teigen Performed a Really Cool Good DeedShe paid off a woman’s crowd-funding campaign to pay for beauty school.
  10. actually good things
    Planned Parenthood Got 40 Times Its Usual Number of Donations Since the ElectionPeople are protesting Trump with their wallets.
  11. actually good things
    Here Are 11 Good Things Worth Celebrating That Happened in 2016Because some good things happened.
  12. actually good things
    Thousands of Women in Texas Will Get Low-Cost IUDsThanks to a $2 million donation to Planned Parenthood.