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  1. Why Alcoholics Anonymous WorksA new story in The Atlantic ignores a decade’s worth of research.
  2. addiction
    Do 12-Step Programs Deserve to Be So Popular?An interesting interview — and some very low percentages.
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    People Who Work Long Hours Drink a LotCheers.
  4. addiction
    Untangling Peer Pressure in Teen DrinkingWhat influences teen drinking behavior?
  5. smoking
    Rotten-Fish Smell Helps Smokers Crave Fewer CigarettesGross. 
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    How Your Technology Is Manipulating YouYou’re probably not entirely aware it’s happening.
  7. social psychology
    Drunk Smiles Are ContagiousFor guys, at least.
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    More Marijuana Could Mean Less Domestic ViolenceTo be blunt, there’s some common sense at work here.
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    Metaphors Like ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ Can Undermine Addiction RecoveryIt’s time to change the way we talk about drug and alcohol addiction.
  10. People Severely Underestimate — or Lie About — How Much They DrinkIt’s bad for a lot of reasons.
  11. Dowd Freak-Out Provides Important Drug-Use TipsLaugh, yes, but also learn from how foolishly she approached her edible-pot experience.
  12. This Tweet From Bill Bratton Marked a Historic Shift in NYPD Anti-Drug PolicyThe NYPD is starting to treat drug users like human beings rather than criminals.
  13. Too Much or Too Little: DSM-V’s Gray Area on Sex AddictionThe psychiatric manual will help diagnose “hyposexual” women but still won’t label men sex addicts.
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    Addicted to Netflix: Teen-Soap-Opera Binge As PsychosisI discussed Dance Academy with my therapist.