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  1. social studies
    Is It Rude to Play HQ at Parties?The trivia app is infiltrating real-world social life.
  2. addictions
    I Quit Smoking and I’ve Never Felt LonelierAn illustrated story.
  3. travel
    Help, I’m Addicted to Frequent-Flier MilesI know it’s weird, but I can’t help it.
  4. advice week
    Tell Me What to Do: Confessions of an Advice Addict Asking around (and around and around) is my version of measuring twice and cutting once.
  5. digital life
    Addicted to Likes: How Social Media Feeds Our NeedinessHow many times have you checked your favorites today?
  6. confessions of a shopaholic
    Buzz Bissinger Reportedly in Rehab for Gucci AddictionAfter professing his shopaholism in GQ.
  7. impulse control
    Buzz Bissinger Comes Out — As a ShopaholicThe writer of Friday Night Lights confesses his serious Gucci issue.