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  1. female viagra
    The Grassroots Campaign for ‘Female Viagra’ Was Funded by Its ManufacturerThe effort got several women’s groups onboard despite concerns about the science.
  2. double standards
    Insurance Companies Not Covering ‘Female Viagra’Women who want to try Addyi are having trouble getting it.
  3. sex ed
    The Next Sexual Revolution Won’t Come in a PillWhy the “female Viagra” failed.
  4. sex
    A New Book Claims We’ve Entered the Sexual Pharmaceutical EraNow that women have their very own drug for sexual dysfunction.
  5. science killjoy
    ‘Female Viagra’ Is Here, But Don’t Go Running to Your DoctorAddyi might not do much, and you can’t drink alcohol on it, ever.
  6. sex and love
    Addyi’s Alcohol Safety Was Tested Mostly on MenThat means it’s not at all clear what would happen when women who take the drug drink. 
  7. sex and love
    The Female Libido Pill Is Here, But There Isn’t Much Evidence It Does AnythingIt’s based on a misunderstanding of the way sexual desire works, especially in women.