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  1. Adele Says She’s Finally Over Her ExMaybe she is, maybe she isn’t.
  2. Korean High-School Student Pulls Off ‘Hello’ Even Better Than Adele DoesHello from this viral video.
  3. David Attenborough and Adele Together at LastFinally, a documentary about the pop queen. 
  4. coverspy
    Why Is Everyone on Rolling Stone So Wet?I can lend you guys my blow-dryer.
  5. thanks but no thanks
    The New Adele Song Will Have To Wait Till SundaySorry, can’t spend all weekend in fetal position, crying about my ex.
  6. pretty hurts
    30 Famous Women on Overcoming Their InsecuritiesBeyoncé, Barbra Streisand, and so many more. 
  7. collaboration nation
    See: Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne, and Adele Designed Fendi BagsAdele’s eyelashes, now a leather good.
  8. look of the day
    Adele Met Prince Charles in a Netted FascinatorMade by Philip Treacy, of course.
  9. Adele Told Kelly Clarkson Not to Have a Baby“Girl, don’t have a baby.”
  10. ins and outs and what have yous
    Adele Gives L’Oréal the ‘Cold Shoulder’She refuses to be “haunted” by a £12 million contract.
  11. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Thinks He Helped Adele Lose WeightStop, just stop.
  12. not slash jobs
    Adele Has Lots of Money Despite Lack of Beauty, Fashion LinesIn fact, she’s the England’s “richest young musician.”
  13. red carpet mind reader
    Humor: What Do Actresses Think on Red Carpets?In our latest Imagined Conversations video, Anne Hathaway wonders why everyone is staring at her at the Oscars and Stacy Keibler wants to make it big.
  14. tastemakers
    Charlotte Knight Is Over Crackle Nail PolishThe founder of Ciaté nail polishes and DIY manicure sets explains how she’d do Kate Middleton’s nails.
  15. weighty issues
    Sure, Lady Gaga Did Gain 30 Pounds That One Time, But Adele’s Still BiggerSays Gaga, “How come nobody says anything about [that]?”
  16. faces of things
    Rumor: Adele to Design Plus-Size Line for Burberry?The singer is reportedly in talks with Christopher Bailey.
  17. loose threads
    Adele Wore Four Pairs of Spanx to the Grammys; See Two Andrej PejicsAlso, Aquascutum’s Joanna Sykes stepped down.
  18. cover girls
    Adele’s British Vogue Cover Was One of Their Worst Sellers EverAlexandra Shulman isn’t sure why.
  19. don’t weight up
    Beth Ditto on Adele and Karl Lagerfeld“He’s just an eccentric designer who makes amazing art but doesn’t always say the coolest sh*t.”
  20. weddings!
    Carey Mulligan Reportedly Wed in Prada on a Farm This Weekend [Updated]Colin Firth, Sienna Miller, and Jake Gyllenhaal were there.
  21. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Might Have Sent Adele Some Free Chanel HandbagsAn apology for calling her fat?
  22. quotables
    Madonna Gets Mad at Karl Lagerfeld’s Comments on Adele’s Weight” … how much she weighs has nothing to do with it.”
  23. cover girls
    Vogue’s Adele Profile Never Mentions Her FigureWhether or not it’s a good thing, it’s certainly unusual.
  24. cover girls
    See Adele’s New Vogue CoverAs widely speculated, the singer fronts the March issue.
  25. loose threads
    Roitfeld’s Purple Cover; Cooper on LagerfeldAlso, how to survive fashion shows, courtesy of Vogue, and Nicki Minaj on Anna Wintour.
  26. body issues
    Adele Responds to Karl Lagerfeld’s Fat CommentMost of us don’t.
  27. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Tries to Rectify His Comment About Adele Being FatHe used to be fat, so he feels bad.
  28. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Calls Adele Fat, Loves the ObamasPlus other awkward excerpts from his interview with Metro World News.
  29. cover girls
    Taylor Swift’s February Vogue Cover Has SurfacedShe’s wearing a sun hat.
  30. cover girls
    Adele May Cover Vogue’s March IssueDesigners have reportedly been asked to make cover-appropriate garments in her size.
  31. never never land
    Guess Which Peter Pan Collar–Loving Celebrity This IsHint: She also has a penchant for pilgrim-esque buckled pumps.
  32. false alarms
    Wegmans Covered Up Adele’s Cosmo CoverBut apparently, they do this all the time.
  33. cover girls
    Adele’s ‘Surprising’ Cosmopolitan Cover Is HereAnd the surprise is presumably leopard print — or is it?
  34. divas
    Cosmopolitan’s Rumored Adele Cover Story Promises to ‘Surprise’Maybe they’ll photograph more than just part of her face.
  35. fashion yearbook
    Miley Cyrus Wins the Short-Skirt Contest at Divas LiveBut what else is new?
  36. in vogue
    What Has Vogue Done to Adele’s Figure?They appear to have slimmed her down.
  37. grammy awards
    The Grammy Awards Diva-Fashion Face-offSee what everyone worth mentioning wore to the awards show last night.
  38. in vogue
    Anna Wintour Styled Adele for the Grammy AwardsThe pressure is on.