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  1. health
    What to Know About the Adderall ShortageDemand for medication to treat ADHD is higher than ever.
  2. self
    Black Women Can Be Diagnosed With ADHD, TooThe hashtag #ADHDinBlackWomen is making some women rethink what they’ve been told all their lives.
  3. science of us
    When the Hidden Problem With Your Sex Life Is ADHDAs a sex therapist, I see it all the time.
  4. science of us
    10 Women on Living With ADHD“I would describe it as your brain having a secret life.”
  5. science of us
    So Many Young Women Are Being Prescribed ADHD MedsSince 2003, the CDC found a 700 percent increase in prescriptions for women ages 25 to 29.
  6. it’s complicated
    Dating With ADHD Means Constantly Convincing Men I’m Paying AttentionIt’s not you, it’s my brain chemistry.
  7. the one percent
    Parents Who Pay to Be WatchedArmed with Nest Cams and 24/7 surveillance, one company promises to fix even the most dysfunctional child — for a price.
  8. distractions
    The Fidget-Spinner Debate Seems to Be CrescendoingPartly it’s about fidget-spinners, but partly it’s about … well, a lot of other stuff going on in America’s education system.
  9. hacks
    Simone Biles Says She’s Not Ashamed of Her ADHDRussian hackers released her medical files.
  10. We’re Missing Something Big in the Way We Talk About ADHDArguments about overdiagnosis are too simplified.
  11. am i dying
    I Can’t Concentrate. Do I Have ADHD?How to tell when trouble focusing is a problem.
  12. When Adult ADHD Looks Something Like ‘Flow’Hyperfocus — that is, too much concentration, as opposed to a scattered attention span — is a little-understood aspect of ADHD.
  13. How Scientists Explain the Link Between Workaholism and ADHDWhat happens when you’re addicted to work.
  14. New Insights Are Causing Scientists to Rethink Adult ADHDThe disorder can show up in adulthood even if it never appeared in childhood.
  15. adhd
    The Youngest Kids in the Class Are More Likely to Be Diagnosed With ADHDA month or two can make all the difference when it comes to development in young children.
  16. adhd
    Why More Girls Are Being Diagnosed With ADHDIt’s a kind of course correction after decades of research focused mainly on how the attention disorder looks in boys.
  17. first person
    What It’s Like to Have ADHD As a Grown Woman“Isn’t that a little-boy thing?”
  18. kids
    Let the Wiggly Kids WiggleTwo new studies suggest that kids with ADHD perform better when they’re able to fidget.
  19. adhd
    Watch a Brief Explainer on How Adderall WorksComplete with a middle school dance analogy.