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  1. first person
    What I Learned From Pretending to Be Rich and Cool OnlineAs a new student at a mostly white, affluent school, I didn’t have a community. Until I found the message board.
  2. q&a
    Age 12 Is Like a Second ToddlerhoodThe Terrible Twelves. 
  3. case reports
    Some People Have an Actual Phobia of Growing UpOne teenager cut down his food intake and adopted a stooped posture in the hopes he wouldn’t continue to mature physically.
  4. adolescence
    See Stunning Portraits of Women Coming of Age Around the GlobeSwedish photographer Lisen Stibeck captures young adulthood around the world. 
  5. gender
    Young Men and Women Crash Their Cars DifferentlySome of this probably comes down to young men taking more unnecessary risks.
  6. video games
    The Problem With Studying ‘Deviant’ Video GamesIs Spider-man teaching your kid to be a delinquent?
  7. Girls Look Down on Other Girls With Sexy Profile PhotosIt is not easy being a teenage girl.