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  1. alright alright alright
    Matthew McConaughey’s New Tequila Is … Pants?And he is promoting it with no pants at all.
  2. marketing?
    Lingerie Ad Compares Bra to … Ryan Reynolds?Harper Wilde has pulled a truly bizarre endorsement (?) of their product.
  3. splashy
    This Billboard Splashes Water on You As If It Were PeeDoes incontinence have your attention now?
  4. horny
    Can’t Wait to Kiss Exactly Like This!In a dicomfitingly erotic ad, Suitsupply (??) provides a look at our post-vaccine future.
  5. just guy stuff
    So You Want to Market a Product for MenA guide to marketing that will help preserve your fragile masculinity.
  6. badvertising
    Erectile-Dysfunction Company Had No Problem Posting Hard Cacti Ads on SubwayNow showing produce to sell feminine hygiene is another story.
  7. things that happen in europe
    Stockholm Prepares to Ban Sexist and Racist AdsThe Swedish capital is the latest European city to tackle stereotypes in advertising.
  8. drama
    Here’s How Parents Are Reacting to Amazon Ad That Suggests Santa Isn’t Real“This kills Christmas.”
  9. everyday sexism
    Ads That Perpetuate Sexist Stereotypes May Soon Be Banned Under New U.K. RulesIt’s part of an effort to address how women are shown in advertisements.
  10. the campaign trail
    Alexander McQueen’s New Ads Take You on an Escape to Rugged IcelandCall it the brand’s version of hygge.
  11. Paris Is Banning ‘Sexist and Discriminatory’ Outdoor AdsThe Council of Paris voted on a new outdoor-ad contract.
  12. ad police
    Saint Laurent’s New Ads Run Afoul of French Advertising AuthorityA watchdog group got involved after complaints.
  13. gallery
    The Graffiti Artist Who Paints Over Fashion AdsRihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber have all gotten the “Flower Guy” treatment.
  14. new faces of things
    Zoë Kravitz’s Face Has a New JobRepresenting YSL Beauty. 
  15. exclusive
    Take a Look at J.Crew’s Gingham RevivalInspired by Brigitte Bardot and Goldie Hawn.
  16. Morrissey Models Like He Does Everything: MiserablyHe is not happy with Supreme.
  17. holiday cheer
    There Are Apparently Some Monsters Who Like Christmas Ads in SeptemberHmmm. 
  18. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: How Marketers Target Your SensesIt’s not just sleek cars and sexy spokespeople.
  19. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Impulse-Buying Is So SeductiveThe psychological principle that helps explain the allure of purchasing stuff on a whim.
  20. This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Your Favorite Brand Is Like a FriendThe psychological and physiological underpinnings of brand loyalty. 
  21. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Sex Doesn’t SellNew research questions an old assumption about advertising. 
  22. living goddesses
    Mary J., Taraji, and Kerry Star in the Commercial of My Dreams“The turnup is real.”
  23. johnny!
    Watch Johnny Depp Hallucinate a BuffaloIn his first-ever fragrance commercial for Dior. 
  24. this week in jennifer lawrence
    Watch Jennifer Lawrence Give Mom Advice in DiorSo punny. 
  25. now watch this
    What Does a Perfect Cat Eye Smell Like?Maybe Miu Miu has an idea. 
  26. you go helen mirren
    Helen Mirren Woke Up Like ThisThe U.K’s Advertising Standards Authority ruled that her L’Oréal Paris ads were not overly retouched. 
  27. youtube stars
    Lisa Eldridge Is Lancôme’s New Creative DirectorWith millions of views, Lisa Eldridge is YouTube’s best pro makeup artist.
  28. campaign trail
    TV Men Star in New Giorgio Armani Campaign It looks like they had a bespoke boys’ night. 
  29. campaign trail
    Lara Stone and Kate Moss Are Together at Last The supermodels join forces for Balenciaga’s fall campaign.
  30. campaign trail
    Willow Smith Is the Latest Face of Marc JacobsThe 14-year-old joins Cher in the autumn-winter 2015 campaign.
  31. banned in britain
    Saint Laurent Ad Banned for Using an ‘Underweight’ ModelThe U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority has stepped in.
  32. my kevins
    SNL’s Spoof of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad Is Eerily Realistic “Yo, my peepee’s in there.”
  33. Kit Harington Puts His Bitchy Resting Face to Good Use in Jimmy Choo AdsTurn that frown into dollars.
  34. saint joan
    See the 1989 Gap Ad Starring Joan Didion Céline wasn’t her first rodeo. 
  35. TV Commercials Ruin the Songs You LoveIt gets hard to separate the songs from the brands. 
  36. new yet old and not old faces
    68-Year-Old Charlotte Rampling Smolders in New NARS AdWith perfect eyeliner and a swoopy bang.
  37. weird things
    Fred Durst Shares His Visions of Love He’s teamed up with eHarmony.
  38. Sorry I’m Not Sorry I’m SorryThe word isn’t automatically a sign of weakness.
  39. baby-making
    Denmark Runs Goofy Ad to Get Couples to Have Baby-Making SexTry Paris! Try lingerie!
  40. watch
    Sheryl Sandberg’s Favorite Shampoo CommercialIt’s a mad world, where Pantene fights for feminism.
  41. what women want
    Men Fall for Web Ads at a Higher Rate Than WomenMen take six clicks to buy something, while women take nine.
  42. See Scarlett Johansson in the New Dolce & Gabbana AdThe sexiest woman in the world also poses with some schmo named Matthew McConaughey.
  43. boobs or lose
    New Bra Ads Promise More Comfort Than BralessnessWhich is impossible, but the effort is appreciated.
  44. campaign trail
    Club Monaco Got David Sims to Shoot Their New CampaignSurprise, it features two attractive people looking attractive!
  45. campaign trail
    Joan Smalls Meets Wind Machine for Prabal Gurung’s Spring CampaignIt’s beautiful.
  46. Lea T., Alek Wek, and Others Bare It All for BenettonAnd then talk about the meaning of “color.”
  47. campaign trail
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Tragically Unrecognizable in Prada AdsBenicio Del Toro, on the other hand, looks scary as usual.
  48. funemployment
    Benetton Wants You for Their ‘Unemployee of the Year’ ContestThey’re accepting project proposals from “young people” ages 18 to 30.
  49. campaign trail
    New 2012 Fall Ads: ICB’s Colorful Comeback and MorePlus Jourdan Dunn for Banana Republic.
  50. campaign trail
    New Fall 2012 Ads: Arizona Muse for DVF, Kate Moss for Mango, and MoreSee them all in our comprehensive slideshow.
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