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  1. totally soaked
    13 Things to Say to Get Her Totally SoakedTurn her on with a few simple words.
  2. sex diaries
    The Yogi Ending an Affair and Exploring Threesome AppsThis week’s sex diary.
  3. true stories
    3 Juicy High-School and College Reunion StoriesThree women on what happened when they attended their reunions.
  4. sex diaries
    The Designer Hooking Up in the Steam RoomThis week’s sex diary.
  5. sex diaries
    The 50-Year-Old Enjoying the Sex in Her New CityThis week’s sex diary.
  6. sex diaries
    The Confident Intern Easing Into a New RelationshipThis week’s sex diary.
  7. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: He Wanted to Be More Than Her First One-Night StandTwo exes explain why it ended.
  8. sex diaries
    The Sober Gym Manager in an Unconventional RelationshipThis week’s sex diary.
  9. sex diaries
    The Woman Serial-Dating While Recovering From an InjuryThis week’s sex diary.
  10. sex diaries
    The Intern Sexting With Her BossThis week’s sex diary.
  11. sex diaries
    The Woman Buying Handcuffs for Her Younger Co-workerThis week’s sex diary.
  12. new mom
    Three Dads on Sex With New Moms“The downward spiral of our sex life does make me frustrated with the marriage and pretty angry — not at her, but at the situation.”
  13. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: He Always Said He’d Make a Terrible BoyfriendTwo exes explain why it ended.
  14. new mom
    The New Mom’s Guide to SexTen moms discuss sex after pregnancy.
  15. sex diaries
    The Ambitious Young Creative With a Sugar DaddyThis week’s sex diary.
  16. sex diaries
    The Copywriter Obsessed With Her Married Co-workerThis week’s sex diary.
  17. sex diaries
    The Dating Blogger Who Thinks Beards Are GrossThis week’s sex diary.
  18. sex diaries
    The Assistant Who Wants a Sex and the City ExperienceThis week’s sex diary.
  19. kontinuity errors
    Will Tristan Thompson Get Away With His Crimes Against Khloé Kardashian?I only need two words to prove my point: Lamar. Odom.
  20. sex diaries
    The Consultant Whose Military Fling Takes ViagraThis week’s sex diary.
  21. kontinuity errors
    Let Me Lead You Through the Darkness of Khloé Kardashian and Tristan ThompsonGrab a flashlight!
  22. nothing can terrace apart
    This Episode of Terrace House Had More Tears (and Butts) Than UsualA recap of your favorite Japanese reality show.
  23. sex diaries
    The Finance Guy Who Thinks It’s Cheaper to Date MenThis week’s sex diary.
  24. sex diaries
    The Webcam Model Who Excels at MultitaskingThis week’s sex diary.
  25. sex diaries
    The Married Mom Who Fantasizes About the School PrincipalThis week’s sex diary.