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  1. books
    How Richard Avedon Shaped the America in Your HeadWe all know the his style of portraiture, but Avedon also shot thousands of advertisements, most very different from his editorial work.
  2. advertising
    MRAs Outraged After Razor Company Asks Men to Show Common DecencyThe brand’s new ad campaign asks men to stand up against bullying and harassment; MRAs are predictably not happy about it.
  3. good dogs
    Ranking the Very Good Dogs in 13 Ralph Lauren AdsIn honor of Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary, let us consider these sweet doggies.
  4. late capitalism
    15 Other Mascots We’d Like to See Turned Into Women, for Some ReasonNow that brands are obsessed with this move, we have a few suggestions. (For feminism.)
  5. things that happen in europe
    Stockholm Prepares to Ban Sexist and Racist AdsThe Swedish capital is the latest European city to tackle stereotypes in advertising.
  6. advertising
    Reba McEntire Is KFC’s First Female Colonel SandersThanks, we guess.
  7. advertising
    Peeing on This Ikea Ad Will Get You a Discount If You’re PregnantHere’s some, uh, innovation.
  8. horny elves
    Here Are the Dirty Holiday Elf Toy Ads That People Are Calling MisogynisticOne ad has an elf holding a tea bag over a lady doll’s face.
  9. niche drama
    This Ice Cream Shop Is Changing Their Controversial Sexy Cow LogoTheir manager also quit over the whole affair.
  10. niche drama
    This Sexy Cow Logo Is Tearing a New Jersey Town ApartResidents are not happy with Dairy Air Ice Cream.
  11. advertising
    Croatian School Hoping Everyone Wants to Grow Up to Be Melania Trump“Imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.”
  12. whoops
    Walmart Is Sorry They Advertised Guns As Back-to-School ItemsWhoops.
  13. badvertising
    Facial-Recognition Ad Assumes Men Want Pizza and Women Want SaladThe future of advertising, everyone.
  14. roll clip!
    Saturday Night Live Takes on Pepsi Ad, Kendall Jenner“We’re just kind of using them to sell soda? Right. Gonna be bad.”
  15. badvertising
    An Extra From Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Kind of Defended the Commercial“It’s like, I was just doing my job. They asked me to be in the commercial.”
  16. the revolution will be branded
    Pepsi Is Pulling Their Controversial Kendall Jenner Protest AdThe spot was widely criticized as being tone-deaf.
  17. the revolution will be branded
    Kendall Jenner Uses the Trump Backlash to Sell PepsiTone-deaf advertising reaches bold new heights.
  18. labor
    Carl’s Jr. Is Desperately Trying to Escape Its Sexist PastThe company unveiled a new ad that diverges from their typical scantily-clad-woman-eating-a-burger trope, all while acknowledging it.
  19. Paris Is Banning ‘Sexist and Discriminatory’ Outdoor AdsThe Council of Paris voted on a new outdoor-ad contract.
  20. advertising
    Billboard Suggests It’s Cool to Throw Rocks at Girls As Long As They’re DiamondsIt reads, “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls.”
  21. advertising
    Fashion Brands May Have No Idea They’re Advertising on BreitbartThough a new Twitter account is trying to get them to pull their ads.
  22. body diversity
    Saturday Night Live Short ‘Chonk’ Nails Nightmarish Shopping Ads“We’re the only store that accepts your unique body!”
  23. Life’s Great Mysteries
    Why Does Every Woman in a Viagra Ad Pose Like This?You know, like this.
  24. office politics
    Don’t Tell Women in Advertising That They Lack ‘Vertical Ambition’An ad man fails to see the nuance of sexism in the workplace, says women are happy where they are in lower-level positions.
  25. workplace sexism
    Saatchi Chairman Resigns After His Controversial Gender-Diversity Comments Kevin Roberts will be leaving Publicis Groupe in September after his remarks about women in advertising became public.
  26. Matthew McConaughey Is Now Hunting Millennials, the Most Dangerous Game of AllThe actor will serve as creative director for Wild Turkey.
  27. workplace sexism
    Saatchi Chairman On Leave After Comments on Gender DiversityGuess the debate over gender bias in the ad industry isn’t over, after all.
  28. workplace sexism
    Saatchi Chairman: Gender Diversity a NonissueKevin Roberts added that women don’t have “vertical ambition,” but a “circular ambition to be happy.”
  29. motherhood
    Hillary’s New Ad Tugs at the Heartstrings of ParentsAnd it’s really effective.
  30. first person
    Here’s What Ad-World Sexism Is Really LikeWhat I saw over 15 years in the industry.
  31. Getting Kids to Like Vegetables Could Be As Simple As the Right CartoonWhat if the Trix rabbit ate carrots instead of sugar cereal?
  32. big yogurt
    A Brief History of Terrible Yogurt Commercials Targeted at WomenWe’re smarter than this, Big Yogurt.
  33. everyday sexism
    What Exactly Is the Joke of This Award-Winning Sexist Aspirin Ad?This terrible ad managed to win a bronze at Cannes Lions.
  34. empowerment sells
    Unilever Will No Longer Use Sexism to Sell StuffBut they will use feminism.
  35. the revolution will wear a caftan
    London Mayor Wants to Ban Body-Shaming ‘Beach Body’ Ads “I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women,” said Sadiq Khan.
  36. feminism inc
    Pop Feminism Doesn’t Mean the End of the MovementDaily choices and personal experiences are important too.
  37. horrible things
    Pro-Life Ads Target Women at Abortion ClinicsThe only way to block the ads is to not bring your phone with you, or to disable GPS tracking.
  38. Women in Advertising Discuss ‘Acting Like a Man’ to Make ItAnd what it’s like when men ignore them.
  39. are we human or are we cupcake
    Turning Into a Cupcake Is Not As Cute As It SoundsOne day you’re eating a cupcake, the next, you’re a monster.
  40. Advertising Still Seems Like a Terrible Place to Work While FemaleA new sexual-harassment case only proves the point further.
  41. cut cover story
    Miki Agrawal’s Panty RaidThe self-styled tech broad wants to disrupt the tampon industry, turn your time of the month into a cause, and make a lot of money in underwear.
  42. everyday sexism
    Period Underwear Ads Shot Down by Taxi TVThis again?
  43. modern menses
    Period Underwear Ads Set to Take Williamsburg Next MonthAn “inappropriate” subway ad campaign has now been approved, and it’s coming to the Bedford Avenue L stop.
  44. everyday sexism
    Women’s Underwear Company Getting Hassled Over Subway Ads [Updated]Why? Because its ads mention (gasp) periods. 
  45. video
    Anti-Sexism Ad Yanked for Being SexistOops.
  46. See Cool Vintage Nike Women’s Ads Through the Ages“Are you looking at my titles?”
  47. fairness
    News to No One: Tom Ford Objectifies EveryoneIncluding himself.
  48. gallery
    Richard Prince’s Complete Fashion Series Opens in New YorkThe complete set of images from the early ‘80s is now on display.
  49. supply and demand
    Would You Pay $450 for Some Slightly Used Neil Young Supreme Posters?A guy is taking ads off the street and marking them up on eBay. 
  50. urban ouchfitters
    For 2015, Urban Outfitters Brings You Thigh Gaps and SchadenfreudeA banned ad in the U.K.
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