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  1. ask a boss
    How to Write a Perfect Resignation LetterTo leave on good terms, you should have a face-to-face conversation first.
  2. my two cents
    How Much Should I Be ‘Investing’ in Myself?We’re all stuck in an endless line of questioning about what we might regret versus what we’ll be grateful for doing — risk versus potential reward.
  3. ask polly
    ‘I Can’t Get Over My Married Lover!’Look around and ask yourself what this guy had that you wanted.
  4. my two cents
    ‘How Can I Get My Employer to Pay Me More?’Getting an outside offer is a backwards, annoying, time-consuming way to squeeze your employer into giving you more money. But in my case, it worked.
  5. ask a boss
    ‘How Can I Stop Being So Nervous in Job Interviews?’Often you can change that dynamic in your head by deciding that you’re there to interview them.
  6. romance
    What Should You Do on Valentine’s Day?From beers in the shower to White Castle, here are 24 good ideas.
  7. ask a boss
    How to Make a Résumé Interviewers Actually Want to ReadHiring managers spend about 20 seconds scanning a résumé. Here’s how to get their attention.
  8. ask polly
    ‘I Want to Dump My Beautiful, Loving Girlfriend’It’s not selfish to pay attention to your desires.
  9. my two cents
    How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Be Honest About His Debt?I’m willing to bet that his unease around money predates your relationship by, oh, maybe his entire life.
  10. valentine's day
    For Valentine’s Day, Get Your Partner a Gift You WantLike, say, a fancy bath mat.
  11. ask polly
    ‘No One at Work Respects Me!’Shift your energy from fixing to observing.
  12. ask a boss
    ‘Apparently, I Am the Smelly Co-worker’You shower daily, wear deodorant, and keep your laundry clean. The more you can see this as a weird thing rather than a personal failing, the better.
  13. ask polly
    ‘I Moved Off-Grid With an Emotionally Stunted Older Man!’You need to spend some more time getting to know yourself.
  14. ask a boss
    ‘I’m Stuck in Endless Interviews With a Company That Can’t Make Up Its Mind’They’re showing you that these managers have an inability to make decisions, disregard people’s time, and perhaps a worrisome comfort with chaos.
  15. my two cents
    Being Sentimental Could Help You Save MoneyWhat if the trick isn’t about facts or math, but embracing emotions — sappy, huggy feelings
  16. ask polly
    ‘I Have Everything, But I’m Still Sad and Angry’Stop stigmatizing your restless desires.
  17. ask a boss
    ‘My Employee Has an Attitude Problem’If you haven’t been crystal clear in the past about what needs to change and how critical the problem is, make sure it’s unmistakable now.
  18. my two cents
    ‘How Can I Get My Husband to Pay for His Share of Household Expenses?’Remember that money doesn’t balance the scales in a marriage. The scores will never quite be settled.
  19. advice
    This Is the Best Way to Pack Your LunchIt’s easy, can be eaten at room temperature, and even after a few months, I’m still not sick of it.
  20. ask polly
    ‘I Don’t Know How to Feel My Desire’You have to learn to face your shame and sit with it.
  21. ask a boss
    10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job InterviewTo show employers you’re exceptional, and find out if it’s the right job for you.
  22. my two cents
    ‘My Budget Is Making Me Miserable’It sucks to be surrounded by glamorous people drinking pretty cocktails and eating meals that you can’t afford. But give yourself some credit.
  23. ask polly
    ‘My Life Is Pathetic!’Life doesn’t become easy and stay that way.
  24. ask a boss
    ‘My Rich Boss Won’t Pay Me Back for Lunch’Let him know he owes you money, and assume that if he’s not a monster, that will take care of it.
  25. ask polly
    ‘I’ve Lost My Joy and I Want It Back!’Give yourself room to breathe and be alive and wild.
  26. my two cents
    This Year, Accept That You Will Break Your BudgetMaintaining new habits isn’t just about avoiding bad ones. Slip-ups can even be helpful, if you pay attention to your triggers.
  27. advice
    These Are the Best CondomsA Japanese condom that’s worth the price.
  28. ask polly
    ‘I’m Addicted to Rejection’Find the people who can see your rays of light.
  29. my two cents
    ‘My Boyfriend Wants Me to Sign a Prenup Before I Move Into His House’Cohabitation agreements are not common at this stage in most relationships, but that doesn’t mean they’re a completely bad idea.
  30. ask polly
    ‘I’m Trying to Go Gray and I Hate It!’Listen to what you’re feeling.
  31. ask a boss
    How to Survive the Office Holiday PartyFirst of all, do you really have to go?
  32. my two cents
    ‘I Feel So Anxious Spending Money on Holiday Shopping!’Sometimes, being too careful with your finances can backfire.
  33. advice
    How to Get Over SomeoneWe have expert advice.
  34. ask polly
    ‘I’ve Never Had Sex, and I Feel Like I Never Will’You need to tune in to how much control you have.
  35. ask a boss
    ‘Do I Have to Get Gifts for My Co-workers?’All your questions about holiday gift-giving at work, answered.
  36. my two cents
    ‘I’m 25 and My Parents Want Me to Support Them!’Don’t be guilt-tripped about a hypothetical future. You’re an adult, and wanting to live independently is normal and healthy.
  37. ask polly
    ‘I’m Defective as a Human Being!’It’s impossible to “fix” anything if you don’t have compassion for yourself.
  38. ask a boss
    35 Gifts for Every Type of EmployeeWhen you’re the boss giving gifts to your team, you can find thoughtful things for each person without playing favorites.
  39. advice
    Just Skip ThanksgivingThe case for spending a holiday alone.
  40. my two cents
    ‘My Sister Wants Me to Pay Her $200 for Hosting Thanksgiving’The last thing you want is to trade passive-aggressive Venmo requests every time you get together.
  41. ask polly
    ‘I Give Up!’Finding your power takes more than completing the assignment as directed.
  42. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Keeps Blowing Off Our Meetings!’What’s important is that you get what you need, not that you never get bumped.
  43. terrible bosses
    ‘My Boss’s Incompetence Fills Me With Rage!’How to avoid freaking out and getting fired.
  44. terrible bosses
    ‘My Boss and His Girlfriend Bullied Me!’It’s really common for companies with drinking-heavy cultures to have dysfunction like this.
  45. terrible bosses
    ‘My Boss Texts Pictures of Strippers to My Co-workers’What to do when your boss is treating the office like a frat house.
  46. ask polly
    ‘No One Likes the Real Me!’You have to stop trying so hard to impress people.
  47. terrible bosses
    ‘My Evangelical Boss Tried to Convert Me!’The power dynamics can make you feel trapped.
  48. terrible bosses
    ‘My Boss Is Always Making Racist Jokes!’One of the problems with working for start-ups is that they often don’t have HR.
  49. advice
    All I Want for Christmas Is to Dress Like Michelle Yeoh in Last ChristmasHoliday dressing advice from the most elegant Santa ever.
  50. ask polly
    ‘Am I Too Obsessed With My Nemesis?’Ask yourself what fears are fueling your obsession.
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