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  1. personal finance
    Is ‘Scarcity Brain’ Making You Broke?Maybe. But here’s what you can do about it.
  2. career
    How to Find a Job Long-DistanceThere are ways to improve your chances of getting a response when applying to jobs out of state.
  3. advice
    ‘How Do I Go On Without My Loved Ones?’The most important thing your ancestors have given you is a heartbeat. Use it well.
  4. personal finance
    ‘I Earn More Than My Husband, But I Don’t Want to Pay More of Our Bills’You can share household expenses in lots of ways, and you don’t have to choose just one.
  5. advice
    ‘What If No One Wants Me After I Transition?’Being wanted feels great, but when it comes at the expense of your own needs, when it demands that you deny your true self, it stops being worth it.
  6. personal finance
    Your Post-Vacation Guide to Cleaning Up Your FinancesExperts share their best money advice for getting back on track.
  7. career
    ‘I’m Sick of Covering for My Co-workers Who Have Kids’The problem: Your colleagues’ flexibility is coming at your expense rather than the company’s expense.
  8. personal finance
    ‘I’m So in Debt That I’m Afraid to Date’You’re not undateable — you’re just afraid to talk about money. There’s a way to fix that.
  9. esther calling
    ‘My Brother’s Wife Ruined Our Relationship’No matter how close siblings are, Esther Perel says, they shouldn’t define what love is for each other as they grow older.
  10. advice
    ‘Do I Even Deserve to Be in a Relationship?’Try to remember that guilt and self-flagellation don’t accomplish much.
  11. personal finance
    ‘I Splurged All of My 20s, And Now I’m in Debt. Can I Fix This?’You can’t just flip a switch. Instead, look for your next actionable step.
  12. come here often?
    How to Flirt, According to a Bartender“I know that at any bar or party I can get anyone I want.”
  13. career
    How to Make a Résumé Interviewers Actually Want to ReadHiring managers spend about 20 seconds scanning a résumé. Here’s how to get their attention.
  14. family
    ‘My Mom Is Selfish. Do I Still Have to be a ‘Good Daughter’?’Having a living mom, no matter how self-centered, is important, writes Brooding columnist Kathryn Jezer-Morton. Even if frustrating.
  15. advice
    ‘He’s Pushing Me Away. Should I Take the Hint?’Sticking around might seem noble, but you also might just be enabling him. He needs to understand that his words and actions have consequences.
  16. personal finance
    ‘My Flight Got Canceled. What Now?’Getting stranded at the airport is a special kind of hell. Here are eight pointers that can help.
  17. ¡hola papi!
    ‘How Do I Make a Move Without Coming Off As Creepy?’Even I live in fear of saying something on a dating app that ends up in a viral Twitter screenshot.
  18. personal finance
    ‘My Roommates Never Pay Rent on Time. What Do I Do?’Ask them to sign a roommate agreement. And think about moving.
  19. ask a boss
    10 Things You Need to Do Before You ResignYou’ve made the decision to quit your job. But before you resign, take these steps first to ensure an easy transition.
  20. ¡hola papi!
    ‘My Friend Is Always Pointing Out Hot Guys, and It Makes Me Insecure’Comparison is a thief. It wants nothing but your time and happiness.
  21. my two cents
    What If You Already Have ‘Enough’ Money?Author Manisha Thakor questions the relationship between money, time, and happiness.
  22. recommendations
    How to Stay Entertained While Hollywood Strikes You probably won’t be watching much new TV for a while. Here’s what you can do instead.
  23. ¡hola papi!
    ‘Why Am I Dreaming About Sex With a Man When I’m a Lesbian?’The something at the root of a dream is very rarely the most literal interpretation of what happens in it. It’s your dating anxiety talking.
  24. my two cents
    ‘What Happens If I Just Never Pay My Credit-Card Bill?’No one would endorse this plan. But you do have some options.
  25. ask a boss
    How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You a JobI’ve read thousands of cover letters in my career. Here are all the elements of an actually good one.
  26. explainer
    A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot CardsEverything you need to know to get started reading.
  27. relationships
    How to Get Over SomeoneSome practical advice from the experts.
  28. ¡hola papi!
    ‘My Boyfriend Dumped Me Out of the Blue’Whether you like it or not, time will dull the ache. People can and do come out the other side of this situation all the time.
  29. my two cents
    ‘My Friend Stays With Us All the Time. Can We Charge Rent?’It’s fair to ask her to repay you somehow. But this will be a delicate conversation.
  30. esther calling
    ‘Is My Partner Gaslighting Me, or Am I Being Overly Sensitive?’Manipulation, scapegoating, coercion, and lying are all gaslighting tactics, says Esther Perel. This “Esther Calling” caller knows them all too well.
  31. ¡hola papi!
    ‘What if My Partner Judges Me for Writing Smut?’He doesn’t have to read it or get super into the genre, but he does have to respect it, and respect you.
  32. my two cents
    ‘I Got Into a Big Fight With a Friend About Money. What Now?’Actually, this fight was a good thing. To make repairs, ask questions and listen.
  33. ask a boss
    ‘I Just Found Out I’m Being Underpaid. Now What?’Even if you get a raise now, this is a company that’s much too comfortable paying you less than your work is worth.
  34. esther calling
    ‘I’m Losing My Best Friend to Her New Fiancé’Curiosity, Esther Perel says in this “Esther Calling,” about a friend’s life now is essential if a childhood friendship is to survive adulthood.
  35. relationships
    60 Questions for Couples to Get to Know Each Other BetterBecause it’s always a good time to get closer.
  36. ¡hola papi!
    ‘Can I Break Up With Him If There’s Nothing Really Wrong?’There’s little else for you to do but rip the Band-Aid off.
  37. my two cents
    How to Save Money on Summer TravelIt’s expensive out there! But you can still take a trip without paying for it for the rest of the year.
  38. relationships
    A Long List of Questions to Deepen Your RelationshipWhy not get to know your partner a little better?
  39. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I’m Only Into Guys Who Are Already in Relationships’I’m glad you were able to identify this problem before attempting a home-wrecking.
  40. my two cents
    ‘I’m a Recovering Addict. Will I Ever Recover, Financially?’There’s a world of people ready to help you. Lean on them!
  41. ask a boss
    How to Ask for a RaiseBefore approaching your boss, here’s everything you should know.
  42. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I Hooked Up With My Ex. Now What?’I don’t think you need a particularly wise advice columnist to tell you that sleeping with your ex is a bad idea, right?
  43. my two cents
    What Is ‘Cash Stuffing,’ and Should You Try It?Budgeting with cash — also known as the envelope method — is trendy again. Here’s how to make it work for you.
  44. advice
    ‘What Helped Me Through My Transition’Janet Mock, Emira D’Spain, and 13 others share the advice, wisdom, and support that guided them.
  45. parenting
    The Transgender Family Handbook144 specific suggestions, from trans young people and their loved ones, that parents may find helpful.
  46. ¡hola papi!
    ‘Two Years Later, I’m Not Over My Friend Breakup’If you can forgive them, do so. That doesn’t mean reaching out and trying to patch things up. It means finding peace with the way things are.
  47. my two cents
    ‘I Think My Mom Is Getting Scammed’Her new friend might be harmless. But you won’t know unless you have some serious conversations about her finances.
  48. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Won’t Do Anything About My Slacker Co-worker’It can be liberating to acknowledge there’s nothing you can do to manage this problem.
  49. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I Have a Big Crush, But She Has a Girlfriend’It’s easy to romanticize trysts and chance encounters, but those do not a sturdy relationship make.
  50. my two cents
    ‘How Do I Get Better at Money Without Overhauling My Life?’Your money should serve your life, not the other way around.
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