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  1. money talks
    What It’s Like to Teach Yoga Over Zoom“I’ve got all my stuff from Brooklyn in my childhood bedroom, and I’ve transformed the whole family room into a yoga space.”
  2. ask polly
    ‘My Future In-Laws Are Assholes!’Stop judging and take the risk of trying to understand them.
  3. ask a boss
    ‘I Deeply Dislike My Try-Hard Co-Worker’Your frustrations are not misplaced, but your response is actually hurting you.
  4. my two cents
    ‘My Boyfriend’s Roommate Is Asking Me for Rent Money’He didn’t sign up to have you there all the time, so it’s reasonable to ask. Here’s why you should say no.
  5. ask a boss
    How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You a JobI’ve read thousands of cover letters in my career. Here are all the elements of an actually good one.
  6. write it
    How These Writers Got a Literary AgentEight writers on finding the best person to represent their work.
  7. write it
    How Professional Writers Deal With RejectionSeven writers talk about how they keep moving forward.
  8. my two cents
    ‘Self Care Shouldn’t Be the End Goal’For Alisha Ramos, the founder of Girls Night In, recent success has been “a little bit uncomfortable.”
  9. write it
    What Drives Me to Write?I’ve been thinking more about how and why I want to express the things that feel so urgent.
  10. write it
    You Wrote It and Now You Know It SucksEight writers describe throwing out writing.
  11. ask polly
    ‘I Feel Ashamed of Almost Everything’You need to learn how to be who you already are.
  12. write it
    So You Want to Write?Nine professional writers offer advice.
  13. ask a boss
    ‘Should I Give Up on My Dysfunctional Workplace?’It’ll be hard to convince your bosses to fix your work culture. That’s because they’re the ones who need to change.
  14. write it
    Writing Probably Won’t Pay the BillsSix professional writers talk finances.
  15. my two cents
    How Do I Get My Landlord to Lower My Rent?We’re barreling toward a national housing crisis. Get ready to negotiate.
  16. ?!?!?!
    Would You Rather Sweat Milk or Sneeze Glitter?Plus 9 other challenging Would You Rather prompts.
  17. ask a boss
    Is It Okay to Lie Just a Little Bit on My Résumé?This is a terrible idea, and could easily torpedo a job offer.
  18. my two cents
    How to Recover From Losing EverythingTiffany “the Budgetnista” Aliche on digging yourself out of debt.
  19. ask polly
    ‘Is an Open Relationship With My Ex a Bad Idea?’You have to trust your gut.
  20. ask a boss
    ‘My Stressful Job Is Giving Me Panic Attacks, But I Feel Guilty Leaving’If you wait for an easy time to go, you could be waiting years.
  21. my two cents
    ‘I’m Sick of Living With My Boyfriend’s Parents to Save Money’You have to separate your financial quandary from your relationship quandary.
  22. ask a boss
    ‘My Manager’s Venting Is Stressing Me Out’He is asking for emotional labor from you that he doesn’t have the right to expect.
  23. my two cents
    ‘I Lost My Job, and My Debt Is Spiraling Out of Control’Start looking for new work. Pretty much anything will be better than trying to live off of $250 a week in New York.
  24. ask polly
    ‘My Boyfriend Bugs the Hell Out of Me!’It’s time to step away from fear and shame.
  25. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Knows I’m Trying to Leave and Won’t Stop Asking About It’He didn’t need to know you were job searching at all!
  26. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Won’t Give Me Any Direction’You’re stuck guessing, and then you’re both frustrated when your guess turns out to be wrong.
  27. my two cents
    How to Make Your Donations CountWhen everything feels so urgent, it’s tough to decide where your money should go.
  28. ask polly
    ‘I’m Sure My Boyfriend Is Secretly in Love With His Co-worker’It sounds like you’re the one who’s obsessed with this woman.
  29. ask a boss
    ‘My Company’s Reopening Plan Is a Complete Disaster’Unionize. Seriously.
  30. ask a boss
    Should I Wear a Mask During My Job Interview?Err on the side of caution, and be wary of any employer that penalizes you for taking your health seriously.
  31. love these days
    The Art of Flirting (Over Text)On openers, emojis, and general etiquette.
  32. my two cents
    How to Cope With Being Broke, Angry, and AshamedLessons from a financial therapist.
  33. documentary
    This 107-Year-Old Viral-Star Grandma Has Some Advice for YouIn her second century, Louise “Nonnie” Bonito is still making meatballs and refusing to dwell on the negative.
  34. love these days
    25 Best Romantic Comedies to Watch NowFrom To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
  35. ask polly
    ‘My Ex Keeps Emailing Me and I Hate It!’Ask yourself why you’re unsettled by his affection.
  36. ask a boss
     8 Ways to Nail Your Virtual InterviewStep one: Pants. Wear them.
  37. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Keeps Pressuring Me to Stop Working from Home’Some managers assume that their trustworthy employees will suddenly transform into slackers if no one’s watching them. It’s insulting.
  38. my two cents
    ‘Might as Well Use This Time to Get a Divorce’Some couples are fixing up their homes. Others are prepping their papers.
  39. advice
    The Hottest Thing a Man Can DoIs wear a face mask.
  40. ask polly
    ‘Why Do My Friendships Always Fade Away?’You have to learn to ask your friends for what you want from them.
  41. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Wants to Cut My Hours But Keep My Workload’Do what you can. It isn’t your responsibility to get everything done.
  42. my two cents
    How Do I Shop Ethically?There’s no foolproof way to do it, but here are a few things you should think about.
  43. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Is Smothering the Hell Out of Me’Ma’am — I am sheltering in place. Please stop asking if I did anything fun last night.
  44. my two cents
    ‘I Hate My Job! Do I Have to Suck It Up Until the Economy Recovers?’You shouldn’t have to torture yourself for a paycheck, but you do need to make a lot of plans.
  45. ask polly
    ‘I Feel Ugly and Lonely and I Don’t Know How to Change’It’s time to abandon your old tricks and feel your way forward.
  46. ask a boss
    ‘Should I Ask an Employee to Dress Better for Video Calls?’ Truly, who cares?
  47. self
    A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot CardsEverything you need to know to get started reading the cards.
  48. my two cents
    ‘I Want to Support Businesses in Need — But Can I Afford It?’I’d like to give what I can, but my own situation isn’t very stable. How much is reasonable?
  49. hairy situations
    Why Can’t I Bleach My Own Hair?A stylist explains.
  50. ask a boss
    ‘I Feel So Guilty About Laying Off My Staff’You can ensure they are handled with empathy and compassion rather than soullessly.
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