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Affordable Care Act

  1. obamacare
    Amy Coney Barrett’s First Case Could Decimate The ACAIn two weeks, she and the other conservative Supreme Court justices could rule to gut the ACA — leaving millions of people uninsured in a pandemic.
  2. power
    It’ll Have to Be Completely DestroyedMaybe American health care will burn to the ground before it can be rebuilt.
  3. get that money
    Here’s How to Invoice Trump for Your Birth ControlAn invoice generator in response to Trump’s decision to roll back the birth-control mandate.
  4. politics
    Senator With Kidney Cancer on Health-Care Battle: ‘It’s Not Over Yet’Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono on the ongoing health-care fight, the fumbling Trump administration, and John McCain’s dramatic 11th-hour vote.
  5. IUD Insertions Have Increased by 19 Percent Since the ElectionThe increase was seen in both conservative and liberal areas.
  6. politics
    The GOP Just Took a Step Toward Making Birth Control More ExpensiveIn a “vote-a-thon” that lasted until 1 a.m. Thursday morning.
  7. New York Is Fighting to Keep Birth Control Free for New Yorkers, No Matter WhatIf the ACA were to be repealed, there’s a chance New Yorkers could be protected.
  8. the pill
    We’re Only a Few Years Away From Over-the-Counter Birth-Control PillsComing soon to a drugstore shelf near you.
  9. hear us out
    Pro-Choice Policy Actually Reduces the Abortion RatePresenting some enlightening stats.
  10. the trump effect
    How, Exactly, Could Trump Get Rid of Free Birth Control?Obamacare’s contraception mandate could be on the chopping block.
  11. things that pay off
    Why Birth Control Should Be FreeIt’s powerful preventive care unlike almost anything else in medicine.
  12. Company Health Care Still a Draw for EmployeesDespite the Affordable Care Act, people still want company insurance.
  13. Proposal Bans Trans Health-Care DiscriminationThe Affordable Care Act is about to get more inclusive.
  14. pre-existing conditions
    Fox News: Women Should Pay More for Health InsuranceAre we pregnant or are we hypochondriacs?
  15. clarifications
    Fox News Says Obamacare Ran Ads in CosmoWhich is … not true.
  16. shmashmortion
    Watch Obama’s Planned Parenthood SpeechNo mention of Kermit Gosnell.
  17. freedom of and from religion
    New Birth-Control Mandate Already Supreme Court–BoundWe hardly knew ye.