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  1. encounter
    She Could Handle Death Threats. Leaving Her Home Was Harder.Afghanistan’s youngest female mayor opens up about the decision to flee her homeland and the criticism around her return.
  2. dispatch
    Dating in the Time of the TalibanA brief look at how, for some couples, last month’s Valentine’s Day was unlike any other before it.
  3. glossier hoodie who?
    Timothée Chalamet Designed a Hoodie At least the $230 it costs goes to a good cause.
  4. wellness theories
    When Tahmina Ghaffer Is Overwhelmed, She Dives Into a CookbookMoonflowers founder Tahmina Ghaffer shares how she navigates heavy news cycles.
  5. how i get it done
    Conflict Is Jane Ferguson’s Comfort ZoneThe PBS NewsHour reporter is recently back from Kabul, and talking with the Cut about the risks and rewards of her work.
  6. q&a
    How Western Feminism Imposed Itself on the WorldIn her new book, Rafia Zakaria asks us to imagine a movement that goes beyond centering the needs and aspirations of white, upper-class women.
  7. power
    If Only We’d Listened to Representative Barbara LeeShe was called a traitor for voting against the use of military force after 9/11— the same resolution that led to the war in Afghanistan.
  8. infinity wars
    This Is America’s Legacy of ViolenceWriter Drew Pham, a U.S. military veteran, reckons with the lasting trauma of American wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam.
  9. power
    ‘I’m Afraid the Taliban Will Kill Me’An Afghan woman tells the Cut what it’s like hiding from militants at her home in Kabul.
  10. politics
    Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Wins First Place in European CompetitionThey invented a solar-powered robot that could help small-scale farmers in their fields.
  11. international intrigue
    Afghan Women Are Fighting for the Right to Be Called by Their NamesRather than by their husband’s or brother’s.
  12. politics
    The Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Was Just Denied Entry to the U.S. AgainThe six teenage girls wanted to travel to the U.S. for a robotics competition, but their visa applications were denied twice.
  13. the actual war on women
    Afghanistan Still a Scary Place to Be a WomanTwo women’s-affairs officials have been murdered in the last year.
  14. body issues
    New Uptown and Downtown Diet Plans Make Great His and Hers TreatsWhat’s the difference between the Park Avenue Diet and the Wall Street Diet? Well, ladies lose weight uptown and men do it downtown, for starters.