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  1. animals
    They Think They Know Why the Elephants Are DyingFollowing the mysterious death of hundreds of elephants, scientists have narrowed in on two leading theories.
  2. sudan
    Sudanese Influencer Pleads for Followers to Spread Awareness of MassacreShe says her best friend was one of dozens of pro-democracy protesters killed in the struggle.
  3. gallery
    See How Africa Changed Contemporary DesignA new exhibit showcases more than 120 artists, designers, and entrepreneurs.
  4. Here’s Why Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Is Wearing Only Nigerian BrandsThe author is mostly wearing Nigerian looks for public appearances.
  5. Humans and Wild Animals Talk to Each Other, Find HoneyCross-species communication for the win.
  6. gallery
    The Best Fashion in Africa, Gathered in One BookFrom Nairobi to Johannesburg.
  7. tastemakers
    The Woman Who Makes Suno’s Patterned Luxury HappenIt’s Nadiyah Bradshaw-Spencer’s job to keep ethics alive in Africa, India, and Peru.
  8. tastemakers
    Bantu: African Swimsuits That Won’t Be ‘Pity Purchases’Yodit Eklund’s swimsuit line celebrates (and supports) the positives of her home country.
  9. fashion talks
    Fashion People Discuss the Future of Africa Will it be the next China, the next Italy, or neither?