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  1. fountain of youth
    How PEN15 Made Two 30-Year-Olds Look 13No retinol involved.
  2. q&a
    Sorry Kids, the Coolest Fashion Magazine Is for Women Over 40“We explore the beauty of age.”
  3. bearing children
    Is There Such a Thing As a Motherhood Sweet Spot?For the first time, women in their early 30s are having more babies than any other age. Why?
  4. Old Dogs Are Getting Adopted Way More Often, and They’re Also Quite SmartWith a little bit of canine advocacy.
  5. advice
    Ask a Boss: Should I Try to Act Older at Work?Act like your age is a nonissue, and others will take your cue.
  6. With Sex and Age, Men And Women Are Surprisingly SimilarThe gap isn’t that big — at least in Finland.
  7. neuroscience
    To Understand a Brain’s Age, Focus on More Than NeuronsGet to know your glia.
  8. sex
    How Sex Can Get Better As You Get Older“Sexual wisdom” is the key.
  9. Immigrants Are Keeping America From Getting Super OldThe best way to prevent a population disaster.
  10. A Smart Sense of Humor Helps People Survive Being AliveEspecially for women.
  11. let’s makeup
    NARS Founder François Nars on Why ‘Ugly’ Isn’t in His Vocabulary“It’s a very sad thing that, most of the time, we focus on only youth.”
  12. Britain’s 42-Year-Old Distance Runner Is a Sign of Athletics to ComeAge is just a number, and aging depends on the body doing it.
  13. women in hollywood
    Ellen Pompeo Stayed on Grey’s Anatomy Because of Her Age“My clock was already ticking in Hollywood.”
  14. Great News, Humanity: Global Life Expectancy Makes a Historic IncreaseAchievement unlocked.
  15. truth in beauty
    Isabella Rossellini on Living Well and Aging Gracefully“I’m being given a chance in the era of emancipation.”
  16. people who dgaf
    Kristen Stewart Has a Newfound Apathy for All Things“I lit my universe on fire and I watched it burn.”
  17. benjamin buttoning
    Why Some People Get to Look 25 ForeverHint: not that spell from Hocus Pocus.
  18. generation gap
    Older Women Aren’t Enemies, They’re EnviedWhat a new show gets wrong about the gap between 20-somethings and 40-somethings.
  19. words of wisdom
    Want to Live to 109? Try Misandry and Porridge, Says 109-Year-Old WomanMisandry and porridge.
  20. prime time
    The Power of 29: An Ode to Being Almost 30It’s the moment when everything starts to turn around.