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  1. good-bye
    Don Lemon Sure Has Thoughts About His Firing From CNNThe former anchor seems to blame his ouster on conflicting principles, rather than a series of controversies.
  2. and just like that
    Kristin Davis Says She’s Been ‘Ridiculed Relentlessly’ for Fillers“It’s hard to be confronted with your younger self at all times. It’s a challenge to remember that you don’t have to look like that.”
  3. hilary swank
    Hilary Swank Is Pregnant With Twins“It’s such a blessing. It’s a total miracle. It’s unbelievable,” said the actor.
  4. beauty
    Why Isabella Rossellini Took Lancôme BackThey publicly fired her for being over 40. Now, after 14 years, she’s back and delighted.
  5. skin deep
    Madonna on Butt Masks, Her New Skin-Care Line, and How to Fight Ageism“I don’t think about an approach to aging.”
  6. twitter beef
    Read Actress Jamie Denbo’s Fantastic Rant About a Sexist, Ageist Casting CallShe’s too old to play the wife of a 57-year-old man, naturally.
  7. Now You Can Smize at Any Age on America’s Next Top ModelBooty tooching for all!
  8. feminist marketing
    Lonely Clothing Hires Gorgeous 56-Year-Old Lingerie Model Because Screw Ageism“Forget stereotypes, if someone looks good in your gear, shine a light on them.”
  9. shine theory
    Madonna Gave a Shout-out to Shine Theory at the Billboard Awards“We have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth.”
  10. real talk
    Shirley Manson: Women Got Complacent, and Beauty Is IrrelevantManson is no one’s “Stupid Girl.”
  11. women in hollywood
    This Actress Has a Great Argument Against Ageism in Hollywood“You’ll probably be a 70-year-old woman with a 110-year-old boyfriend in a movie, because that’s the age gap that’s allowable.”
  12. women in hollywood
    Ellen Pompeo Stayed on Grey’s Anatomy Because of Her Age“My clock was already ticking in Hollywood.”
  13. truth in beauty
    Isabella Rossellini Returns to Lancôme But Will Remain a ‘Dog Doula’Must love dogs.
  14. weighty matters
    Rebel Wilson Says Gaining Weight Made Her More Successful in ComedyShe also speaks out against Hollywood ageism.
  15. shirley manson
    Garbage’s Shirley Manson Has No Time for Your Ageist Bullsh*t“I think I just got to the point where I felt I had nothing to lose.”
  16. ageism
    At 28 Elizabeth Banks Was Too Old for Spider-ManThe role of the love interest ended up going to 18-year-old Kirsten Dunst.
  17. Liv Tyler Laments Lack of Roles for Adult Women“You’re usually the wife or the girlfriend.”
  18. ageism
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Was Told She Was ‘Too Old’ for a 55-Year-Old ManShe speaks out about Hollywood ageism.
  19. nobody likes you when you’re 25
    At 25, You’re Too Old to Be a Miss AnythingMiss Delaware stripped of her crown for being too old. 
  20. innovation
    Silicon Valley Disrupts Discrimination: Now It’s for Middle-Aged White Guys, TooWelcome, men, to the world of being hyperaware of how you’re perceived, every moment of every workday.
  21. awards season
    Best Actress Nominees Break Oscar Age RecordsThe Academy is less ageist than the market.