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  1. science of us
    This Is the Age When Your Self-Esteem PeaksIt stays at its highest point for a full decade.
  2. style
    Diane von Furstenberg Says Viagra Is ‘The Worst Thing’She is not a fan.
  3. sex negative
    Jane Fonda Says She’s Done With Sex and DatingShe has “closed up shop down there.”
  4. beauty
    Why Isabella Rossellini Took Lancôme BackThey publicly fired her for being over 40. Now, after 14 years, she’s back and delighted.
  5. skin deep
    Madonna on Butt Masks, Her New Skin-Care Line, and How to Fight Ageism“I don’t think about an approach to aging.”
  6. self/reflection
    I Am a Prisoner of My Own VanityOur culture places such a premium on attractiveness that I feel I can be forgiven for trying to preserve what I have left of mine.
  7. editor's letter
    I Keep Wondering When I Will Become InvisibleThis month on the Cut, we’re talking about beauty a lot.
  8. wellness theories
    Christie Brinkley Thinks Life Is Too Short to Ignore CheeseThe supermodel on aging, science, and mozzarella.
  9. science of us
    Fact-Checking That Study on Old Women’s Happiness With My GrandmotherShe’s not buying it.
  10. let's makeup
    Rashida Jones on Freckles, Instagram Culture, and Hollywood Double Standards“We are prohibitively age-averse, and it’s a bummer.”
  11. wellness theories
    Cindy Crawford on What Young Models Should Know“There is an abnormal amount of attention on you, and sometimes you need to step away.”
  12. older and wiser
    CoverGirl’s First 69-Year-Old Spokesmodel on Defying AgeismMaye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, says life actually gets easier when you’re older.
  13. now smell this
    Kim Kardashian West on Gummy Bears and AgingThe most famous woman in the world is releasing a new crystal-inspired perfume.
  14. anti aging
    Helen Mirren Doesn’t Like the Phrase ‘Anti-Aging’ EitherShe’s on the September cover of Allure.
  15. American Women Are Staying in the Workforce Much Longer Than They Used ToUntil death do you part. (With work.)
  16. now smell this
    Chris Hemsworth on Aging, Surfing, and What Exactly Thor Smells LikeDoes Thor’s hammer have a scent?
  17. In Old Age, Friends Might Matter Even More Than FamilyAs you age, your friendships play a greater role in keeping you happy and healthy.
  18. skin deep
    Julianne Moore Confirms ‘Sushi Face’ Is RealShe explains what it is.
  19. This Is the Age When Your Brain Is at Its Most RandomThe ability to break out of normal thought patterns is a key part of creativity.
  20. skin deep
    Susan Sarandon’s Tips for Embracing AgingShe is in favor of always finding the “good” light.
  21. How Thinking Like a Little Kid Can Keep You Sharp As You AgeAs we get older, we focus more on specialized knowledge than broader learning. A new paper argues that’s slowing us down.
  22. Is It True That Your Hair Changes Every 7 Years?Not exactly, but there’s some merit to the myth.
  23. Here’s Why It Gets Harder to Sleep As You Get OlderEven if you do everything the sleep experts tell you to, you can’t stop time.
  24. Now You Can Smize at Any Age on America’s Next Top ModelBooty tooching for all!
  25. skin deep
    Cate Blanchett on Female Judgment and How She’s Moisturized for Over a DecadeAnd her favorite sunscreen.
  26. roll clip!
    Whoopi Goldberg Gets Really Frank About the Effects of AgingSpecifically, aging and pubes.
  27. wrinkles in time
    What Does a Woman’s ‘Sexual Prime’ Mean, Anyway?Everyone believes the best sex is still to come.
  28. wrinkles in time
    Why Do We Age Differently?A few reasons why you can’t tell which Pharrell is older.
  29. wrinkles in time
    Is Social Media Killing the Anti-Aging Industry?Filters could be making retinols obsolete.
  30. wrinkles in time
    Aging Is Feminizing Me and I Hate ItIt is not my body anymore and then it is.
  31. wrinkles in time
    In Defense of Letting Yourself GoEveryone ages. Why bother preventing it?
  32. wrinkles in time
    What Watching Your Mother Age Looks LikeSage Sohier photographed her mother in her 70s.
  33. wrinkles in time
    Why Diana Ross Is My Aging IconShe’s more than just a singing legend — she’s a woman I see myself in.
  34. wrinkles in time
    Why Won’t We Let Madonna Age the Way She Wants To?She remains a lightning rod for our conversations about “aging gracefully.”
  35. wrinkles in time
    Death Becomes Her Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About AgingTwenty-five years later, the movie is still keeping me from getting Botox.
  36. wrinkles in time
    Don’t Tell Me I Look GoodI know what you really mean.
  37. wrinkles in time
    Don’t Wait Until You’re 80 to Be an Eccentric DresserThe world needs more Iris Apfels and Auntie Mames.
  38. wrinkles in time
    Fast-Forward to Middle AgeNothing like a baby to make you feel old.
  39. wrinkles in time
    Why Sleeping With Younger Men Is Best — No Matter How Old You AreEveryone should be free to design the relationship model that works for them — and for me that’s dating younger men
  40. wrinkles in time
    What It Costs to Be AgelessA breakdown.
  41. wrinkles in time
    25 Famous Women on Getting OlderDiane Keaton, Maya Angelou, Helen Mirren, and more women on aging.
  42. wrinkles in time
    Can Age-Shaming Be the Next Fat-Shaming?I’ve spent an awful lot of time worrying about looking old, and I’m ready to give it a rest.
  43. wrinkles in time
    The Myth of ‘Dressing Your Age’I’m not giving up my leather pants.
  44. cognition
    Speaking Another Language Makes Your Brain More EfficientAnd more resilient to the effects of aging, too.
  45. The Older You Are, the Better Excuse You Have for Being LateBlame it on your brain’s changing internal clock.
  46. Scientists May Have Found a Way to Reverse AgingA new gene therapy made mice look younger and live longer.
  47. Scientists Think They’ve Found a Way to Reverse AgingA new gene therapy made mice look younger and live longer.
  48. now smell this
    Amanda Seyfried Talks About Botox, Mental Advocacy, and Smelling Like aLatte“It’s really important for young people to hear other people talk about their experiences in a way that sheds light on them.”
  49. Just by Looking at a Photo, Plastic Surgeons Know Exactly How Old You AreA new study argues that the skill can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.
  50. A New Campaign Will Address the Elderly Isolation EpidemicFinally.
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