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  1. how not to f*ck up your face
    How to Heal Melasma, According to a DermatologistAdvice on how to get rid of a particularly intractable spot.
  2. how not to f*ck up your face
    Is There a Legitimate Way to Get Rid of Cellulite?A dermatologist cuts through the costly options.
  3. how not to f*ck up your face
    Why Do I Get Purple Blotches on My Skin Out of Nowhere?They can actually be explained.
  4. how not to f*ck up your face
    Can Your Hair Turn Gray Overnight?A hair expert explains why hair loses pigment and whether stress is the cause.
  5. advice
    The Longevity Expert Who Wants You to Stay Young ForeverDr. Mark Hyman is reframing our concept of getting old.
  6. how not to f*ck up your face
    Is Matrixyl the Magic Ingredient for Younger-Looking Skin?Why some things work better when they have less to do.
  7. how not to f*ck up your face
    Are Plasma-Pen Treatments Safe for Improving Crepey Skin?A dermatologist advises caution about electrosurgery.
  8. first person
    Going Gray Was the Easy PartIt was everything else happening to my aging hair that I wanted to reverse.
  9. how not to f*ck up your face
    All Wrinkles Are Not Alike, and Here’s WhyWhat to do when “drape face” becomes an issue.
  10. how not to f*ck up your face
    Do Pricey Silicone Patches Work to Eliminate Wrinkles?A dermatologist weighs in on a different kind of patch test.
  11. how not to f*ck up your face
    Is That Estrogen in Your Face Cream Safe?Why you may want to reconsider hormones in your skin care.
  12. how not to f*ck up your face
    Is There a Pill for Prettier Skin?A dermatologist weighs in on the legitimacy of retinol supplements.
  13. how not to f*ck up your face
    Does Using Nontoxic Beauty Products Actually Matter for My Health?A deeper look into the marketing behind “clean beauty.”
  14. how not to f*ck up your face
    Why Popular TikTok Beauty Trends Don’t Speak to MeA woman in her 70s prefers advice from … the ’70s.
  15. how not to f*ck up your face
    Are DIY Skin-care Wands Worth the Money?A dermatologist weighs in on at-home devices
  16. how not to f*ck up your face
    A Plastic Surgeon Solves a Mysterious Body-Part ProblemHere’s how to deal with one of the ways our aging system shows signs of wear and tear.
  17. how not to f*ck up your face
    How to Find the Best Retinol for Your Skin Type, According to a DermatologistDermatologists call retinol “skin-care gold” for a reason, and here’s why.
  18. how not to f*ck up your face
    How to Deal With Hormonal Acne, According to DermatologistsAn almost-30-year-old asks for help managing monthly acne flare-ups.
  19. how not to f*ck up your face
    Dear Beauty Marketing: Stop Telling Me How to Look YoungerUnderstand what you’re buying. Plus: solving a red-eyelid mystery.
  20. in her shoes podcast
    In a World Dominated by Filters, Paulina Porizkova Is Embracing Her AgeOn this week’s episode of the Cut’s In Her Shoes podcast, the former supermodel talks aging, betrayal, and her career.
  21. how not to f*ck up your face
    In Defense of ‘Good Enough’ AgingWhen good enough is plenty good. Plus, are you dealing with thinning lashes?
  22. how not to f*ck up your face
    Why Is the Skin on My Face Constantly Flaking?A reader is plagued by unusual flakiness on her face.
  23. how not to f*ck up your face
    I’ve Gained Weight. Do I Need to Change My Makeup?A reader asks whether more fullness around her face means a new makeup routine.
  24. how not to f*ck up your face
    How to Make Your Self-Tanner Situation Less of a MessA cosmetic chemist weighs in.
  25. how not to f*ck up your face
    The Very Best Foundations for Aging SkinMakeup artists Pati Dubroff and Laura Geller share their complexion tips and tricks.
  26. aging
    We’re Getting Midlife All WrongWe’ve been so obsessed with what it looks like that we forgot to warn each other what it’ll feel like.
  27. celebrity
    Julia Fox, 32, Declares ‘Aging Is Fully In’“If I see another product that says ‘anti-aging’ on the label, I’m suing.”
  28. time
    Blue Ivy Is a Tween, and You Are AncientThis celebrity baby is now old enough to wear lip gloss and be embarrassed by her dad.
  29. style
    Hey Fashion Friend: Help! I’m Having an Existential Style CrisisI’m celebrating a big birthday, and I want to change my wardrobe.
  30. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Achieving Success Later in LifeAva DuVernay, Chloe Zhao, Toni Morrison and others discuss the benefits of being a late bloomer in their careers.
  31. celebrity
    25 Famous Women on Getting OlderDolly Parton, Regina King, and Penélope Cruz on aging.
  32. the bigger picture
    Our Mothers, OurselvesMagdalena Wosinska’s family photos will make you want to call your mom.
  33. the cut podcast
    30, Flirty, and ThrivingOn this week’s episode, embracing the Jenna Rink that has lived inside us since 2004.
  34. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: AgingI’m talking about joy, about having more life to live.
  35. first person
    Are You Aging Correctly?Ask yourself who benefits when women gracefully fade into the background.
  36. the longest lives
    Our Fragile GerontocracyOld people have never been so powerful — or, now, so vulnerable.
  37. photography
    A Joyful Testament to Middle AgeElinor Carucci photographs her teenagers, her uterus, and her naked self.
  38. you do you
    “I Sleep With a Pitcher of Water Next to My Bed.”Vogue México’s Karla Martinez on her approach to wellness and beauty.
  39. aging
    Keanu Reeves’s Lady Friend Has Given Me the Courage to Turn 40Thanks to her, I will move through time forward, and not backward, which I would otherwise be doing.
  40. you do you
    ‘Bangs Are a Pet for Your Face.’Food publicist Becca Parrish on her approach to wellness and beauty.
  41. you do you
    “I Pray to God That the Adaptogens I Pour Into My Oatmeal Are Doing Something.”Food writer and consultant Christine Muhlke on her approach to beauty and wellness.
  42. you do you
    ‘You Don’t Need Permission From Anyone.’Restaurateur and model Folasade Adeoso on her beauty philosophy.
  43. you do you
    ‘I’m Not Playing Beauty Russian Roulette.’TV correspondent Alina Cho on her approach to beauty.
  44. you do you
    “I’m Not Trying to Go Back in Time.”Gluten-free pastry chef Aran Goyoaga on her approach to beauty.
  45. relationships
    Darkness on the Edge of CougartownWhat no one tells you about dating a younger man.
  46. aging
    Gray Lady Among the Gray BabiesI went gray because I’m old. What’s your excuse?
  47. millennials
    Millennials Are in Their ThirtiesUnbelievable.
  48. science of us
    Dancing Is the Best ExerciseEveryone is good at it, everyone is bad at it.
  49. science of us
    This Is the Age When Your Self-Esteem PeaksIt stays at its highest point for a full decade.
  50. style
    Diane von Furstenberg Says Viagra Is ‘The Worst Thing’She is not a fan.
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