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  1. cognition
    Speaking Another Language Makes Your Brain More EfficientAnd more resilient to the effects of aging, too.
  2. The Older You Are, the Better Excuse You Have for Being LateBlame it on your brain’s changing internal clock.
  3. Scientists May Have Found a Way to Reverse AgingA new gene therapy made mice look younger and live longer.
  4. Scientists Think They’ve Found a Way to Reverse AgingA new gene therapy made mice look younger and live longer.
  5. now smell this
    Amanda Seyfried Talks About Botox, Mental Advocacy, and Smelling Like aLatte“It’s really important for young people to hear other people talk about their experiences in a way that sheds light on them.”
  6. Just by Looking at a Photo, Plastic Surgeons Know Exactly How Old You AreA new study argues that the skill can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.
  7. A New Campaign Will Address the Elderly Isolation EpidemicFinally.
  8. motherhood
    How Old Is Too Old to Have a Baby?The answer is different from what it was even a few years ago.
  9. am i dying
    Is My New Mole Actually Skin Cancer?What to do about that spot.
  10. Your Zits Are Actually Keeping You YoungNew research suggest they are nature’s anti-ager.
  11. Wisdom Is Just a Temporary State of MindNot a stable personality trait.
  12. Friendships Might Not Help You Live Longer, But Family DoesCall your grandparents.
  13. swellness
    Can Serenol, a Bee-Pollen Supplement, Cure PMS?“I am officially perimenopausal.”
  14. women in hollywood
    Ellen Pompeo Stayed on Grey’s Anatomy Because of Her Age“My clock was already ticking in Hollywood.”
  15. Cats Are Living Longer, So Now Vets Have to Figure Out Cat GeriatricsOlder, wiser, still grumpy.
  16. wellness theories
    Cameron Diaz on Water, Aging, and Those Body-Hair Comments “Aging really is your responsibility.”
  17. Just Like Humans, Monkeys Shed Friends As They AgeMacaques: They’re just like us!
  18. pills n potions
    Here’s the Latest Anti-Aging Drug in the WorksPerhaps we’ll be less feeble in our collective old age.
  19. Why Your Hangovers Just Keep Getting Worse With AgeYou’re definitely not 21 anymore.
  20. tv
    Thank God for Selina Meyer’s Unapologetic 50-Something Sex DriveThank god for Selina Meyer’s unapologetic sex drive on Veep.
  21. truth in beauty
    Pamela Anderson Likes Aging“I know I have so much to look forward to.”
  22. mothers and daughters
    My Mother’s Dementia Helped Me Finally Hear Her StoriesIf we don’t remember our lives, our days, who are we?
  23. Retiring Later Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’ll Die LaterResearch on work and longevity is kind of all over the place.
  24. Insights From a Scientist Who Is Trying to Slow the Aging ProcessSecrets from the science of longevity.
  25. The Bizarre 100-Year History of Yogurt As an Old-Age CureSpoiler: It didn’t work.
  26. I Wore a Suit Designed to Make Me Feel Like an Old PersonAging isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  27. aging
    Why It’s So Important to Have ‘Social Goals’ Late in Life“Social goals” matter a great deal to the final years of life, a new study suggests.
  28. hairy situations
    How Much Can You Blame Your Parents for Your Gray Hair?Researchers think they’ve found a gray gene.
  29. single ladies week
    Alone at 37, I’m Learning to Love the ‘Worst-Case Scenario’I recommend failing spectacularly at major life milestones early on. 
  30. sex
    Sex Might Help Keep Old People SharpA new study suggests a link between performance on certain cognitive tasks and sexual activity.
  31. Jane Fonda Says Being Young Is OverratedEighty is the new thirty.
  32. caftans
    Samantha Bee on Being 46 and Not Caring What Anyone ThinksBreak out your beach caftan.
  33. inspiration
    Erykah Badu’s Gray Hair: A Badge of WisdomHer roots reveal a higher state of being.
  34. the silver hairs
    Anti-Aging Drug Could Extend Our Crazy-Old-Lady YearsMore time to not give a hoot.
  35. first person
    Is There Any Good Way to Go Gray in Your 20s?If so, I haven’t found it.
  36. first person
    What Menopause Taught MeI felt wild because I was wild — not shaky and insecure, but rattling with a raw and primal energy.
  37. health span
    We Might Already Have an Anti-Aging DrugResearchers are seeking approval for a clinical trial of a drug that could delay cancer, heart disease, and cognitive impairment.
  38. generation gap
    Older Women Aren’t Enemies, They’re EnviedWhat a new show gets wrong about the gap between 20-somethings and 40-somethings.
  39. pseudoscience
    How Hucksters Are Profiting Off of Testosterone and Growth HormoneNo, you probably don’t have “age-related hypogonadism.”
  40. relationships
    Gender, Illness, and DivorceThere could be some ugly gender dynamics at work.
  41. aging
    What Happens to Older Couples When One Person Stops DrivingThere are ripple effects, and a lot of them reduce social and work engagement.
  42. oscars
    Do Oscar Winners Really Live Longer? Investigating that study Julianne Moore mentioned.
  43. aging
    The Being Mortal Documentary Will Probably Make You CryJust like the book. 
  44. aging
    You Should Teach Your Grandma About FacebookOlder people seem to derive a lot of benefits from online social media.
  45. personality
    Your Friends Know Whether Your Personality Will Eventually Kill YouOur closest friends see us more clearly than we see ourselves.
  46. aging
    Miley Cyrus Enjoyed a Tranquil Birthday PartyAll muted tones and mechanical bulls shaped like dildos. 
  47. gallery
    See the Brown Sisters Age Over 40 YearsThis year marks the 40th anniversary of Nicholas Nixon’s iconic portrait series.
  48. aging
    Vibrating Shoes Could Help Keep Old People UprightHooray for crazy shoeventions.
  49. aging
    Could Subliminal Messages Help Keep Seniors Healthy?A very intriguing new study.
  50. Modern Medicine Changed the Way We Die, and Not Always for the BetterAn excerpt from Atul Gawande’s new book, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End.
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