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  1. lab rat
    How to Make Your Moisturizer Last Through WinterIt’s all about layering. 
  2. jelly butts
    How to Get Your Butt As Shiny As Kim’sLike two lightly glazed doughnuts.
  3. say no to chafing
    14 Beauty Products to Try If You’re a RunnerHow to run as fast as you can without chafing, chapping, or bloody nipples. 
  4. obsessive tester
    Which Body Scrub Ensures the Smoothest Skin?You’ll be softer than a seal. 
  5. 3 things i tried
    Lab Rat: Getting Your Body Ready for SpringMoisturize with lotion from a spray can.
  6. skin deep
    Mask Time: Detox Your Pores While Home From WorkNine face-freshening options to try while languishing in sweatpants.
  7. beauty marks
    Matthew McConaughey Puts On a Shirt for Dolce & Gabbana; Ahava Launches Makeup LineAlso, Lara Stone rocks electric-blue panda eye makeup.