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  1. flights of fancy
    Do People Really Miss Flying This Much?People who miss the experience of being on an airplane are paying for flights that land exactly where they started.
  2. holiday travel
    Chrissy Teigen Was Mysteriously Stuck on Flight to NowhereAnd not happy about it, according to her Twitter.
  3. air travel
    Woman Says Flight Attendants Did Nothing to Protect Her From Masturbating ManAmerican Airlines apologized for its “disappointing service.”
  4. resistance
    The Attorneys Fighting Trump’s Immigration Ban at Airports Around the CountryWomen are taking the lead in the fight against Trump.
  5. psa
    Parents on Planes Don’t Owe You a BribeGrow up.
  6. air travel
    Soon We’ll Be Able to Fly With All Our Beauty ProductsNo liquid is too much liquid!
  7. parenting
    Airline Offers Magical ‘Flying Nannies’Trained in child psychology, origami, and magic.
  8. parenting
    Another Airplane Adds Child-Free Section$14 to avoid crying babies.
  9. weighty issues
    Pricing Flights on the Pay-by-Weight AirlineKate Moss at her skinniest: $41.50.
  10. the worst form of travel
    Bar Refaeli Got Groped by a Lady at the AirportAnd lived to tweet about it.
  11. crimes of fashion
    André Leon Talley Loses Luggage, Forced to Repeat OutfitHe’s stuck attending the shows in Juicy Couture shorts and a Ralph Lauren polo.