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  1. airbnb
    Airbnb Is Sorry for Listing ‘Former Slave Quarters’ for RentThe company has pledged to remove properties that formerly housed the enslaved from its platform.
  2. the bachelor
    Deeply Haunted Mansion Available to Rent on AirbnbFor $6,000 a night, the Bachelor mansion could be yours.
  3. twilight
    You Can Now Sleep Where Edward Watched Bella SleepThe Twilight house is now available on Airbnb.
  4. purpose
    I Want to Live in This Chic PotatoIt will give me the purpose I so desperately need.
  5. secret side hustles
    The Publicist Who Dreads Getting Caught for Her Illegal Airbnb“I see this money as part of my income, and I depend on it. If we got found out, I’d have trouble paying my bills.”
  6. they’re just like us
    Have Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender Stayed at Your Bushwick Airbnb?I need more details.
  7. lawsuits
    A Woman Is Suing Airbnb After She Was Allegedly Assaulted by a ‘Superhost’The man was allowed to be a host despite a previous domestic-violence charge against him.
  8. sex diaries
    The 26-Year-Old Couch-Surfing After a BreakupThis week’s sex diary.
  9. chateau child
    Julia Child’s French Cottage: One Pricey Foodie Getaway $610 a night.
  10. cut cover story
    Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With FriendsGoing with a group means you can afford a seaside villa. But will you all like each other by the end of the trip? 
  11. life finds a way
    Not Surprisingly, People Use Airbnb to Get LaidWhat isn’t a hookup app?
  12. unintentional vaginas
    Further Evidence That the Airbnb Logo Resembles a Vagina People are getting creative!
  13. unintentional vaginas
    The New Airbnb Logo Is Surprisingly Sexual Did anybody notice the resemblance?
  14. houseguests
    Tech-Savvy Escort Services Are Using New York Airbnbs As BrothelsYour apartment could be someone else’s bone zone.