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  1. i hate it here
    The National Holiday Travel Nightmare ContinuesChaos reigns as Southwest Airlines keeps slashing flights.
  2. i hate it here
    Are You Excited for Your Summer Vacation in Hell?There’s never been a worse time to fly. But like so many others, I will insist on doing it anyway.
  3. unemployment
    Tens of Thousands of Airline Workers Just Lost Their JobsAfter Congress failed to pass another stimulus deal.
  4. crime
    JetBlue Pilots Accused of Drugging and Raping 3 Crew MembersThe women say they reported the assaults to JetBlue, but that no action was taken against the pilots.
  5. travel
    Fart Drama Forces Plane to Make Emergency LandingA fight broke out when one passenger refused to stop passing gas.
  6. sexual misconduct
    The Problem of Sexual Assault on Commercial FlightsFBI investigations into midair sexual assaults have increased 66 percent since 2014.
  7. everyday sexism
    This Airline Made Prospective Employees Take Pregnancy Tests Before Being HiredIberia agreed to stop the practice after being fined for discrimination.
  8. occupational hazards
    American Airlines Flight Attendants Say Their New Uniforms Are Making Them SickMore than 1,600 employees have had reactions.
  9. weighty matters
    It May Be Legal to Seat Airplane Passengers by Size, But It’s Still CruelHawaiian Airlines isn’t weighing people, but size does factor into its new policy.
  10. This Sneaky Airline Fee Affects Families the MostIf you want to guarantee a seat next to your kid, you may have to pay up.
  11. weighty issues
    Airline Grounds 130 Crew Members Over Their BMIsBut the BMI policy doesn’t actually make sense.
  12. staff uniforms
    Qantas Employees Don’t Want to Look Like Miranda KerrEven when she wears the airline’s “really tight” new uniforms.
  13. parenting
    Airline Offers Magical ‘Flying Nannies’Trained in child psychology, origami, and magic.