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  1. wellness theories
    Karlie Kloss’s Trainer Says You Shouldn’t Work Out Too Much“Sleep an extra hour.”
  2. swellness
    Why Wellness Is the New Way to Look, Feel, and Act RichGreen juice, fancy leggings, acupuncture, and cleanses are all part of the new luxury lifestyle.
  3. working on my fitness
    11 Affordable ClassPass AlternativesWhere to go after you to ditch ClassPass after the price hike.
  4. workout gifs
    4 Workout Moves That Shakira DoesSo that your hips won’t lie, either. 
  5. workout gifs
    The Netflix Workout How to watch Netflix and exercise at the same time. 
  6. workout gifs
    5 Workout Moves You Can Do on the TreadmillShakira’s trainer shows you what else you can do on the treadmill besides running. 
  7. Workout GIFs: How to Get a ‘Dancer V’The V stands for very, very toned.