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  1. first person
    Yep, Sobriety Is Good for Your SkinGiving up alcohol — which is pro-inflammatory and dehydrating — naturally depuffed and contoured my face.
  2. huh?
    J.Lo Has an Alcohol Company Now?Her new line of spritzes comes after years of talking about how she barely drinks.
  3. How to Plan an Actually Fun Date Night at HomeWith a little creativity, a date night in can be even more fun than going out.
  4. how i get it done
    How Johnnie Walker’s ‘Master Blender’ Gets It DoneEmma Walker, the top woman in Scotch, on going from chemistry Ph.D. to “whiskey scientist.”
  5. culture
    Finally, a Show That Takes Millennial Drinking SeriouslyA young woman confronts her alcoholism in Single Drunk Female.
  6. celebrity
    Bella Hadid Says She’s Not Drinking Alcohol AnymoreHere’s why.
  7. and just like that
    We Need to Talk About Miranda’s DrinkingSex and the City’s problematic approach to booze is haunting the ladies of the reboot.
  8. keeping up with the royals
    Let the Queen Have Her MartinisHer Majesty has been told to forgo her nightly cocktail in preparation for next year’s Platinum Jubilee.
  9. sláinte
    Mariah Carey Is Launching a Line of … Irish Cream?Sure, why not!
  10. cheers?
    Gird Your Livers, Hard Mountain Dew Is ComingWill it fill the Four Loko–shaped void in our lives?
  11. The CEO and Influencer Who Quit the Corporate World to Bet On HerselfWhat it means to be bold, according to CEO and influencer Dayna Bolden.
  12. The CEO That’s Making Space for Black and Brown Women CreativesAnd the cocktail Nana Agyemang sips between “9 to 5” and “5 to Grind.”
  13. wellness theories
    Ghia’s Mélanie Masarin Doesn’t Define Her Sobriety“Maybe someday someone will make an amazing cocktail, and I want to have a sip of it, but in general, I don’t drink.”
  14. Klancy Miller on the Power of Being Generous to Yourself“You are just as worthy of a delicious meal as a guest or loved one.”
  15. Passion, Purpose, Creativity — In Conversation with Filmmaker Margot BowmanHow director Margot Bowman stays inspired and creates magic on film.
  16. How These Two Tastemakers Are Prepping for FallCreative ideas for the great outdoors, and indoors too.
  17. diet alcohol
    We’re Deep Into the Summer of Low-Calorie BoozeI tried all the new White Claw imitators.
  18. tiktok
    Teens Are Disguising As Mask-Wearing Grandmas to Buy Booze(Or so they claim on TikTok.)
  19. endorsements
    I Love This ‘Clear Beer’Hop-flavored seltzer is all the best parts of beer-drinking. (And yes, it’s non-alcoholic.)
  20. wellness?
    Would You Like Some Artisanal 4Loko From the Finest Beans?“Hard cold brew” follows in the cursed footsteps of “hard seltzer.”
  21. science of us
    What Counts As Secondhand Drinking Damage?One in five people are harmed by other people’s alcohol consumption.
  22. unsolved mysteries
    Fake Alcohol Could Be Behind the Deaths in the Dominican RepublicAuthorities are reportedly investigating whether bootleg alcohol could be causing the mysterious deaths.
  23. culture
    Someone in Wine Country Should’ve Been SoberIt could’ve been funny.
  24. science of us
    The Book Newly Sober People Love to Give to Each OtherTalking with Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind.
  25. promises promises
    How to Change Without WillpowerFocus on your beliefs, and the rest will follow.
  26. science of us
    Is There Such Thing As an Addictive Personality?It depends how you define addiction.
  27. it’s complicated
    Giving Up Alcohol Made Me Date Like a Teenager AgainMy newfound sobriety came with a return to the awkward flirting, wholesome booze-free activities, and intense emotions of adolescence.
  28. science of us
    How to Make It Through the Workday With a HangoverThis is not a time for hair of the dog.
  29. royal inquiries
    How to Drink Like a Royal (Just in Time for the Wedding)Your royal expert’s handy guide to getting fancy drunk.
  30. science of us
    Did Drinking Give Me Breast Cancer? I Don’t Know.And neither do you.
  31. sex diaries
    The Finance Guy Who Thinks It’s Cheaper to Date MenThis week’s sex diary.
  32. sex diaries
    The Married Mom Who Fantasizes About the School PrincipalThis week’s sex diary.
  33. house rules
    The Bachelor: Winter Games Won’t Let Contestants Get Too DrunkNo more than two drinks per hour.
  34. it’s complicated
    Dating Without Drinking Is Lonely, Awkward, and Sometimes InfuriatingI’m fine with my decision to stay sober. Most of the guys I meet seem to feel differently.
  35. stay clean
    Hugh Hefner’s Will Demands His Heirs Just Say NoIf a beneficiary “frequently uses or consumes any illegal substances,” they’ll be removed from his trust.
  36. A New Study Says Heavy Drinking Has Become a ‘Public Health Crisis’Rates of alcohol abuse are on the rise, especially for women, minorities, and the elderly.
  37. People Feel Drunker If You Tell Them They’re Drinking a Vodka Red BullPerhaps these intrepid scientists will study Fireball next.
  38. Your Drunk Personality Really Isn’t That Different From Your Sober SelfNew research shows that most people think they change dramatically when they drink — and that most people are also wrong.
  39. Having a Glass of Wine Each Day Could Increase Your Breast Cancer RiskA new study linked 10 grams of alcohol per day to heightened breast cancer risk.
  40. public health
    Here’s a Simple Way to Reduce Drunk-Driving DeathsThorough is good.
  41. our casual dysmorphia
    Teen Girls With Body Image Issues Are More Likely to DrinkSays a sad new study.
  42. advice
    Ask Polly: I Finally Got Sober, but I’m Losing Faith!Stop believing that you don’t believe.
  43. A Man Who Beat His Girlfriend Is Blaming the Casino That Served Him AlcoholNicholas A. Mullins claims the attack is the casino’s fault.
  44. There’s No Such Thing As ‘Wine Drunk’ or ‘Tequila Drunk’ — It’s All One DrunkDifferent types of booze don’t really make you act differently — but here’s why we believe otherwise.
  45. alcohol
    We Have Almost Achieved Irresponsible-Drinking Gender EquityIt used to be that men drank a lot more, and a lot more stupidly, than women. Not anymore.
  46. There’s No One Right Way to Think About AddictionThe idea that it’s a disease may be useful for some people and harmful for others.
  47. mating rituals
    10 People on Having Sex While SoberWhat dating is like when you can’t drink.
  48. teens these days
    19-Year-Old Chloë Grace Moretz Thinks Drinking Is OverPut down your glass of wine immediately.
  49. escapism
    Alcohol Will Make You Happier Instantly, As You Probably Know From ExperienceScientists say alcohol has the same effect as a rapid antidepressant.
  50. campus sexual assault
    Stanford Takes Down Sexist Webpage About Alcohol and Sexual AssaultHow was this still up in 2016?
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