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  1. alcohol
    How Alcohol Ads Affect TeensA new study shows a correlation between ad exposure and alcohol-brand choice among underage drinkers.
  2. alcohol
    One Bad Side Effect of Lowering the Drinking AgeLowering the drinking age might not be as simple or as clean as it sounds.
  3. foam and diamonds
    How Will We Get Drunk on the Way to Ibiza Now?Ryanair thwarts rowdy vacationers.
  4. motherhood
    I Could Really Have Used a Drink After Having a BabyBut is that even allowed?
  5. alcohol
    Nurse Your Hangover Like a Big BabyPedialyte admits that people use its product to mitigate binge-drinking.
  6. drugs
    New Research on Smoking Pot and Drinking at the Same TimeIt’s worse than indulging in the two activities separately.
  7. alcohol
    Think Twice Before Giving Your Kid Passover WineA new study links teens taking “just a few sips” of alcohol to negative outcomes down the road.
  8. alcohol
    People Who Work Long Hours Drink a LotCheers.
  9. alcohol
    Those Dry January People May Be Onto SomethingSorry.
  10. alcohol
    Middle-Aged Men Die From Binge-Drinking More Often Than Young OnesMen aged 45 to 54 are at the highest risk of death from alcohol poisoning.
  11. alcohol
    Most Heavy Drinkers Are Not Technically AlcoholicsNinety percent are just regular old binge drinkers. 
  12. social psychology
    Drunk Smiles Are ContagiousFor guys, at least.
  13. health
    Gym Days Are Drunk DaysPeople drink more on the days they exercise.
  14. language
    Metaphors Like ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ Can Undermine Addiction RecoveryIt’s time to change the way we talk about drug and alcohol addiction.
  15. Shocking: Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks May Be UnhealthyIt may make kids drink more than they would have otherwise.
  16. Why We Love Drunk FoodThe science of 4 a.m. onion rings.
  17. People Severely Underestimate — or Lie About — How Much They DrinkIt’s bad for a lot of reasons.
  18. pregnancy tests
    Gracious Hosts Ply Kate Middleton With Booze to See If There’s a Baby in ThereTaking her whiskey in Scotland.
  19. modest proposals
    College Men: Stop Getting DrunkIt’s closely associated with sexual assault. And yet we’re reluctant to tell young men to stop doing it.
  20. arbitrary guidelines
    The Rules for Calling in Sick When You’re Actually Hung-overThree guiding principles for drunk job-shirking.
  21. ze french
    Coca-Cola-Flavored Wine Is Upon UsIt’s called Rouge Sucette, “Red Lollipop.”
  22. gender studies
    Women Aren’t Perceived As Being Too DrunkReal ladies get “buzzed.”
  23. moms like wine
    Q&A: Meet the ‘Mommy’ Behind MommyJuice WinesCheryl Durzy’s preferred midnight snack is a nice glass of vino.