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  1. sobriety
    ‘Can I Stay Sober Without Counting the Days Since My Last Drink?’If adding up the days one by one makes you feel bad, rethink the math.
  2. sober questioning
    ‘How Do I Survive Early Sobriety?’Eat the candy, watch Buffy, and find community.
  3. career
    ‘Do I Have to Tell My Boss I’m Going to Rehab?’No, you don’t. But can we talk about why you’re asking?
  4. sober questioning
    ‘How Do I Stop Enabling My Alcoholic Dad Without Losing Him Entirely?’It’s okay to do the “selfish” thing here — whatever that looks like for you.
  5. sober questioning
    ‘How Should I Think of the ‘Good Times’ If I Go Sober?’The same as you do now, really.
  6. sober questioning
    ‘I Got Sober by Mistake — Can I Go Back to Drinking?’That’s up to you. But give yourself credit: It wasn’t an accident, it was your choice.
  7. sober questioning
    ‘I’m 90 Days Sober — Am I Ready for a Baby Yet?’I can’t tell you it’s a bad idea. But I won’t tell you it’s a good one, either.
  8. sober questioning
    ‘When Will I Know If It’s Time to Leave My Alcoholic Partner?’You’re not going to like my answer.
  9. sober questioning
    ‘How Do I Live With Myself If I Can’t Fix the Relationships My Drinking Ruined?’For one, don’t focus on repairing the damage done.
  10. fiction
    Women and Children First, From HeartbrokeIn this excerpt from Chelsea Bieker’s new collection, one woman tries to right the sins of her past by … committing a few more in the present.
  11. all in the family
    How Do I Talk About My Mother Now That She’s Gone?My mother was an alcoholic, but she was also so much more.
  12. sober questioning
    Sober Questioning: ‘What Can I Do to Support My Newly Sober Partner?’When we love someone struggling with addiction, “then you should leave” echoes everywhere.
  13. dry january
    Will Nonalcoholic Cocktails Actually Help Me Drink Less?My attempt to make dry January seem a little less dry.
  14. sober questioning
    Ask Ana Marie Cox (Almost) Every Question You’ve Ever Had About SobrietyThe Cut’s new biweekly column is talking drinking, not drinking, and everything in between.
  15. and just like that
    We Need to Talk About Miranda’s DrinkingSex and the City’s problematic approach to booze is haunting the ladies of the reboot.
  16. first person
    How Do I Stay Sober Now?It was two weeks into social distancing that I started craving alcohol again.
  17. science of us
    The Book Newly Sober People Love to Give to Each OtherTalking with Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind.
  18. gallery
    A Former Addict’s Powerful Letter to His Son, PhotographedFor Father’s Day.
  19. addiction
    Do 12-Step Programs Deserve to Be So Popular?An interesting interview — and some very low percentages.
  20. alcohol
    Most Heavy Drinkers Are Not Technically AlcoholicsNinety percent are just regular old binge drinkers. 
  21. psychiatry 2.0
    Can You Diagnose a Manic Episode on Twitter?Maybe, say prominent psychiatrists.
  22. summits
    Ben Affleck Gave Lindsay Lohan Advice, Not a JobTake what you can get, girl.