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Alicia Keys

  1. the dress
    What Everyone Else Wore to the Inaugural BallsWith Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Kanye West, and more.
  2. beauty marks
    Karl Lagerfeld’s New Genderless ‘Kapsule’ FragranceAlso Jennifer Aniston may spend $20,000 a month on her beauty routine and Kate Moss is working on a makeup line.
  3. new york fugging city
    Fugs at the BET Awards: Where the Ceremony Gets in the Way of the PartyWe’re experts at watching awards shows in our sweatpants, but actually attending in our dresses is another story.
  4. beauty marks
    Mariah Carey Launches New Scent; Mascaras Are the New VibratorsAlso, Alicia Keys’s hair is really long, the new Bulgari scent will cost a pretty penny, and anti-aging regimens for all ages.
  5. run through
    Is Heatherette Kaput?!The label is reportedly dissolving as Richie Rich starts his own fashion line and partner Traver Rains just can’t deal with him anymore.
  6. new york fugging city
    Alicia Keys Is Bored With Tracy Reese, Life Generally, being at a fashion show is like watching a really good tennis rally: You’re moving your head back and forth, drinking in the front, side, and back view of an outfit before turning back to see what’s coming next. Unless you’re Alicia Keys, in which case you never move your stare from the top of the runway.