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  1. health
    Do I Have Allergies or the Coronavirus?An early start to allergy season has left many of us asking the same question.
  2. allergy season
    Here’s Everything You Need to Survive Allergy SeasonFrom Japanese eye drops to fancy air filters.
  3. science of us
    Everything You Need to Know About Seasonal AllergiesWhen does allergy season start? When will it end? And is there anything you can do to end the misery in between?
  4. drugstore doctor
    Should I Take Butterbur for My Allergies?Two experts explain the plant may help with hay fever.
  5. You’re Not Imagining It — Certain Fruits Really Can Make Your Mouth ItchyIt’s called “oral allergy syndrome,” and it’s a case of regular seasonal allergies gone haywire.
  6. drugstore doctor
    Will Nettle Tea Help My Allergies?Two experts debunk the claim that nettles ease hay fever.
  7. what’s that about?
    Adult-Onset Allergies Are, Unfortunately, a Real ThingWelcome to the miserable, sniffly club.
  8. It’s Not Just You — ‘Allergy Brain’ Is RealScientists aren’t entirely sure why allergies make you fuzzy-headed, but they have a theory.
  9. The Mistake That’s Making Your Allergies WorseWhen decongesting goes wrong.
  10. The Woman Who Was Allergic to Her HusbandJust his presence in her room could trigger a life-threatening reaction.
  11. wow that was fast
    A Generic EpiPen Is Coming But It Will Still Cost $300Guess those coupons weren’t enough.
  12. saving face
    EpiPen Coupons Are About to Become More Valuable Than GoldThey’re not going to lower the retail price, though.
  13. gouges
    Why Are EpiPens Suddenly So Expensive? Congress Is Trying to Find OutOne senator wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.
  14. shitty situations
    EpiPens Are Now So Expensive That Some People With Allergies Can’t Afford ThemThe increases have been called “Shkreli-like.”
  15. The Scientific Defense of Nail-Biting That Nail-Biters Have Been Waiting ForGross? Sure. Healthy? Quite possibly.
  16. allergic to life
    People Who Are ‘Allergic to Life’ Have Retreated to the Arizona DesertBut it’s far from a hippie utopia.
  17. lab rat
    The One Thing You Need to Ward Off Allergy FaceHint: It’s green.
  18. wellness theories
    Sophie Tweed-Simmons on Being ‘Plus Size’ in Hollywood “I can’t make myself thinner or prettier, but I can walk into the room with more confidence and personality.”
  19. spring achooing
    How to Prepare for the Horrific Allergy SeasonSneezing season is upon us.
  20. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    The Guide to Living Life UnscentedFor those of you who have fragrance sensitivities — or don’t want to smell like a million scents at once.