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  1. This Study on Altruistic Toddlers Will Make You Feel Better About the WorldNot everything is terrible.
  2. This Weekend’s Pro-Immigrant Protests Showed How Complicated People AreIt’s easy to get us riled up and fearful, but it’s also easy to get us to exhibit spontaneous compassion for strangers.
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    Muslims Donated Blood for Orlando Shooting Victims Despite Fasting for RamadanFasting means no food or drinks for 15 hours, including the revitalizing post-donation apple juice.
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    Europe’s Refugee Crisis and the Biology of Human AltruismLooking to glimpses of altruism that have emerged in the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe.
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    Are Poor Kids More Altruistic?A new study suggests they might be, and that the behavior could bring health benefits.
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    People Would Rather Lose Money Than Harm a StrangerInteresting new research on altruism. 
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    Heroes Act First, Think LaterConscious thought would only slow them down.
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    Who Would Donate a Kidney to a Stranger? An ‘Anti-Psychopath’They’re like psychopaths. But exactly the opposite.