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  1. tony bennett
    Tony Bennett Shares Alzheimer’s DiagnosisThe legendary jazz signer was diagnosed in 2016 and has toured and recorded extensively since.
  2. flu shot
    Yet Another Reason the Flu Shot Is GoodTwo new studies suggest regular flu shots may greatly reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. media
    ‘People Should Kill You, If It Becomes Too Much’Disability-rights activists react to a New York Times piece about Alzheimer’s and a murder-suicide.
  4. living with
    My Life Watching My Own Dementia Set InI notice how many more words I forget, and the speed at which I’m forgetting them.
  5. language
    How Do You Write About Something Like Alzheimer’s?The disease resists any easy attempt at metaphors, but that doesn’t mean patients and their caretakers don’t try.
  6. self-care
    Saunas Help Your Brain, Says Deeply Finnish StudyMore bathing, less Alzheimer’s.
  7. This Museum Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Remember by Taking Them Back in TimeEverything is straight out of the 1950s.
  8. Alzheimer’s
    This Is a Potentially Exciting Alzheimer’s DiscoveryResearchers seem to be getting somewhere.
  9. Maybe Alzheimer’s Begins in Early ChildhoodScientists found early hints of the disease in people as young as 3.
  10. How Exercise May Protect Against Alzheimer’sIt’s all about a hormone dubbed Klotho.
  11. tech
    A Teenager’s Invention for Alzheimer’s PatientsMaybe young people today are all right after all.