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Am I Dying

  1. am i dying
    I’m Seeing Spots, Is This the End As I Know It?The spectre of “floaters,” and what to look out for.
  2. am i dying
    How Do I Know If My Shower Mold Is the Bad Kind?Prepare to feel guilty about your shower cleaning practices.
  3. am i dying
    Is Drinking Coffee Messing With My Hormones?A few possible causes for spotting a week before your period.
  4. am i dying
    I’ve Been Putting Off a Root Canal for Years, Is That Bad?Uhhh, yeah. You might want to get on that.
  5. am i dying
    Is Staring at My Phone Before Bed Making Me Go Blind?On that dreaded blue light.
  6. am i dying
    Please Tell Me I Won’t Get Black Hairy Tongue From Taking AntibioticsIt’s possible.
  7. am i dying
    Is My Incessant Phone Use Giving Me Carpal Tunnel?How to avoid needing to sleep in a wrist brace.
  8. am i dying
    Am I Allergic to My Own Sweat?Why sweating might make you so itchy.
  9. am i dying
    My Doctor Says My Chest Pain Is Just Anxiety, But I’m Not So SureWhat to do when your doctor says your symptoms are in your head.
  10. am i dying
    My Leg Hurts, Do I Have Necrotizing Fasciitis?An illogical but understandable leap.
  11. Do I Have a Headache or a Brain Tumor?Depends on how long it lasts.
  12. am i dying
    Is It Bad If I Have to Pee Roughly a Million Times a Day?Depends how much water you drink.
  13. am i dying
    Are My Contacts Going to Make Me Go Blind?Let your eyeballs breathe.
  14. am i dying
    Are My Cold Medications Making Me High?What’s responsible for that fuzzy-head feeling.
  15. am i dying
    Why Am I Getting All These Mysterious Bruises?It doesn’t mean you have deep vein thrombosis.
  16. am i dying
    How Much Should I Worry About Toxic Shock Syndrome If I Use Tampons?Deep breaths.
  17. am i dying
    I Have So Much Earwax I Can’t Hear!Clean your ears, but don’t pull a Horvath.
  18. am i dying
    Why Do My Nails Break So Easily?The good news is you are not dying. The bad news is, we are all slowly dying in a lifelong process known as aging.
  19. am i dying
    Can You Overdose on Gummy Vitamins?Sometimes I eat gummy vitamins by the handful. Is this bad for me?
  20. am i dying
    Is My Neti Pot Trying to Kill Me?Your genie lamp could be harboring gross germs.
  21. am i dying
    Why Do I Sometimes See Annoying Floating Spots?What to do if it’s flurrying inside your eyeballs.
  22. am i dying
    Why Are My Arms Swelling Up After a Hard Workout?This could be serious.
  23. am i dying
    Why Do I Have Such Weird, Vivid Dreams When I’m Pregnant?It could be anxiety.
  24. am i dying
    Why Does It Hurt Every Time I Have Sex?No, it’s not supposed to feel that way.
  25. am i dying
    Why Do I Wake Up Drenched in Sweat?Maybe don’t Google it.
  26. am i dying
    Why Do I Keep Breaking Out in Hives?What your welts are trying to tell you.
  27. am i dying
    Is It Normal to Be So Bloated It Hurts?A puffy abdomen could be caused by a laundry list of things.
  28. am i dying
    Is My Gigantic Purse Causing My Back Pain?You might need to take a load off.
  29. am i dying
    Is My New Mole Actually Skin Cancer?What to do about that spot.
  30. am i dying
    Why Do I Wake Up to Pee Every Night?Get it together, bladder.
  31. am i dying
    Why Am I Always Tired?Don’t assume it’s a health problem.
  32. am i dying
    I Accidentally Had Two Tampons In. What Should I Do?Step one: deep breaths.
  33. am i dying
    Why Are My Hands Always Freezing?What your frigid fingers could mean.
  34. am i dying
    I Can’t Concentrate. Do I Have ADHD?How to tell when trouble focusing is a problem.
  35. am i dying
    Why Does My Arm Go Numb When I Sleep?Those painful pins and needles, explained.
  36. am i dying
    Why Does My Heart Race When I Drink Too Much?This can be kinda scary.
  37. am i dying
    Why Was My Period Late If I’m Not Pregnant?When things don’t proceed as scheduled.
  38. am i dying
    What Is This God-Awful Ringing in My Ears?Your momentary deafness, explained.
  39. am i dying
    Why Do I Sneeze When I Tweeze My Eyebrows?A confused nerve might be to blame.
  40. am i dying
    The Scary Breast-feeding Disorder People Aren’t Talking AboutWhen feeding your baby makes you depressed.
  41. am i dying
    Does the Small Forest Growing Along My Jawline Mean I Have a Hormone Problem?What to make of the sprouts on your face.
  42. am i dying
    Why Does My Foot Cramp Up and Leave Me in Agony?Not the kind of toe-curling you’d prefer.
  43. am i dying
    Why Am I Getting So Many Yeast Infections?Maybe they’re not really yeasters after all.
  44. am i dying
    Why Is My Hair Falling Out?Don’t worry, it’ll probably grow back.
  45. am i dying
    Why Does My Heart Feel Like It’s Exploding?A girl’s guide to chest pain.
  46. am i dying
    Why Do I Jerk Awake Right As I’m Falling Asleep?Just when you think you’re drifting off, you are roused very unpleasantly. Here’s what’s going on.
  47. am i dying
    Why Is My Eyelid Tormenting Me?The mysterious but common eye twitch, explained.
  48. am i dying
    Is My Rosé Habit Ruining My Teeth?What wine really does to your pearly whites.
  49. am i dying
    Are My Crushing Headaches Actually Migraines?Here’s what you should know.
  50. am i dying
    I Had a Kid. Will My Bladder Ever Be Normal?Is everybody peeing in their pants as much as me?
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