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Amanda Chantal Bacon

  1. wellness theories
    Amanda Chantal Bacon Knows Wellness Is PrivilegedBut the Moon Juice founder also believes it requires “prioritizing.”
  2. moonstruck
    Amanda Chantal Bacon Suddenly Believes in Skin CareThe Moon Juice founder on launching her own “clean” beauty line.
  3. wellness
    Moon Juice Will Now Make Beauty ProductsAmanda Chantal Bacon’s power is growing.
  4. love and light
    The Moon Juice Lady Put Horny Dust in Her Wedding CakeAmanda Chantal Bacon also claims that it was anti-inflammatory.
  5. swellness
    You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Sex Dust at SephoraAmanda Chantal Bacon’s Moon Juice will be sold at the beauty retailer.
  6. wellness
    25 Famous Women on Their Self-Care RitualsBeyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson, and more on their wellness routines.
  7. encounter
    Your Hate Only Makes Amanda Chantal Bacon Stronger“If I want to reach as many people as I say I do, then I have to walk through this fire.”
  8. safety first
    This Is How Amanda Chantal Bacon Prepares to Eat SugarA Halloween guide from the founder of Moon Juice.
  9. love and light
    This Woman Makes Gwyneth Paltrow Look Like Guy FieriAmanda Chantal Bacon’s cookbook was everything I hoped for and more.
  10. love and moon juice
    Amanda Chantal Bacon Describing Her Wardrobe Is Exactly What You’d Expect“Everything is handmade by Tibetan monks and is of the most divine quality.”
  11. the moon juice crystal
    Father John Misty Quits Twitter and InstagramAmanda Chantal Bacon’s good crystal vibes have worked in her favor.
  12. the moon juice crystal
    Father John Misty Is Now Selling Moon Juice Crystal EarringsThe petty feud over the stolen Moon Juice crystal continues.
  13. the moon juice crystal
    No, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Don’t Put Those Crystals in Your SmoothieAmanda, stop!!!
  14. the moon juice crystal
    Amanda Chantal Bacon Just Crystal Bragging on Instagram NowYou can take away her rose-quartz crystal, but you can’t take away … all her other crystals.
  15. swellness
    Trying Out Enchanted Crystal, the Birchbox for CrystalsWould getting sparkly rocks in the mail change my life?
  16. swellness
    Steal Her Crystal, But Amanda Chantal Bacon Will Only Get an Even Bigger CrystalThe Moon Juice founder will not be broken.
  17. capers
    Alternative Theories As to Who Stole the Moon Juice Rose Quartz Crystal If not Father John Misty, then who? We have some ideas.
  18. cheeseburger in paradise
    Juicing Is Dead; These Nonsense Words Mark Its Grave“Brain dust”? “Activated cashews”?
  19. can u not
    Vogue Really Wants to Ruin Thanksgiving DinnerSo does PopSugar, Time, and The Weather Channel.