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Amanda Knox

  1. congrats
    Amanda Knox Is Having a BabyShe and her husband announced the news via podcast.
  2. power
    Amanda Knox Calls Out Stillwater for Using Her Story“Why does my name refer to events I had no hand in?”
  3. weddings
    What Would You Wear to Amanda Knox’s Space Wedding?Knox herself wore a yellow jumpsuit and Princess Leia buns, so that’s already taken.
  4. celebrity
    Oh My God, Lorena Bobbitt and Amanda Knox Are FriendsThe two women say they “have a lot in common.”
  5. questions
    Can Someone Please Explain Amanda Knox’s Wedding Website to Us?Amanda Knox and her fiance announce a sci-fi wedding that we need translated.
  6. engagements
    Amanda Knox’s Sci-Fi-Themed Proposal Is Honestly Very Sweet“Will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out, and even after that?”
  7. media
    Amanda Knox Is Getting Her Own ShowVice has tapped Knox, once wrongfully convicted for murder, for a new series.
  8. Amanda Knox Says She Doesn’t Owe Donald Trump Her LoyaltyTrump is “very upset” she supported Hillary Clinton.
  9. true crime
    Trump Was Reportedly ‘Very Upset’ That Amanda Knox Supported Hillary ClintonThe president’s friend and neighbor says Trump’s not happy that Knox didn’t support him after he spoke out about her innocence.
  10. true crime
    It’s Finally Possible to Understand What Happened to Amanda KnoxThe new Netflix documentary sheds fresh light on a case that’s captivated the public for nearly ten years.
  11. That’s Amore
    Amanda Knox’s Boyfriend’s Beard the Second-Worst Thing to Happen to Amanda KnoxAmanda, perché questo ragazzo?
  12. video
    Watch Cara Delevingne in the Trailer for the New Amanda Knox MovieShe plays a tour guide in The Face of an Angel.