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Amazing Grace

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    Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington Went to the Kanye Concert Together They sat a few seats away from Kris Jenner.
  2. amazing grace
    Grace Coddington’s Ex-Husband to Exhibit Her Old Modeling PhotosBecause this is a LOW maintenance sort of thing, you have to make an appointment to view them.
  3. amazing grace
    Grace Coddington Is Working on a MemoirWith the help of ex–’Men’s Vogue’ editor Jay Fielden.
  4. amazing grace
    Grace Coddington Is Worried About How Young and Thin Models Are“In the end, people are always asking for more and they’re always asking for thinner.”
  5. amazing grace
    Sometimes Grace Coddington Feels ‘Like Killing’ Anna WintourGrace probably isn’t in danger of losing her job.