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  1. Missing Richard Simmons Illustrated How Hard It Is to Let Someone GoAt its heart, the podcast was a show about seeking closure.
  2. president trump
    Why the Wait for President Trump Feels So AgonizingOn top of everything else, those worried about Trump are now dealing with a heaping dose of uncertainty.
  3. There’s No Explanation for Lone-Wolf Attacks, and Our Brains Can’t Handle ThatIt would be nice if there were some one-size-fits-all narrative that could explain Ahmad Khan Rahami and others like him, but there just isn’t.
  4. health
    Here’s a Key New Study on Prostate-Cancer Treatment and Medical UncertaintySometimes, aggressive treatment isn’t the best option.
  5. When Dodging Questions Makes You Seem More TrustworthyAnd why only certain types of people can pull it off.
  6. Here’s a New Way to Make Sense of Good People Doing Bad ThingsIt’s called “aintegration.”
  7. ambiguity
    Can Ambiguity Explain Why Some People Seem Really Creepy?A pair of researchers suggest creepers sit in that uncertain space that could be harmless – but maybe not.
  8. need for cognitive closure
    The Bad Things That Happen When People Can’t Deal With Ambiguous SituationsA book released last week highlights examples ranging from the Waco siege to the decisions made after 9/11.