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  1. relationships
    4 Men on Sabotaging Their Relationship After a Promotion“It was hard to be excited when I was outright jealous.”
  2. parenting
    Why Do Kids Need Ambition?We’ve reckoned with how we view work — why hasn’t that same existential shift made its way to how we view achievement for our kids?
  3. 25 famous women on
    25 Powerful Commencement Speeches by Famous WomenGet in the back-to-school spirit with these truth bombs from Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Toni Morrison, and more.
  4. parenting
    Moms Gone WildMotherhood can obliterate you — or it can set you free.
  5. first person
    Could I Still Be Ambitious Without My OCD?I quieted my anxious thoughts by working hard. That only made my disorder worse.
  6. rich people stuff
    The Fleishman EffectIn a city of Rachels and Libbys, the FX show has some New York moms worried they’re the ones in trouble.
  7. work
    Has the Surgeon General Been on ‘Quiet Quitting’ TikTok?Dr. Vivek Murthy says toxic workplaces are harmful for mental and physical health.
  8. ambition
    Even Kelly Ripa Has to Deal With Sexist Bulls- - - at WorkAs the Live! host writes in her new collection of essays, seniority is a “masculine word.”
  9. ambition
    So ‘Quiet Quitting’ Is Actually Just … Work?Setting healthy boundaries shouldn’t be synonymous with quitting.
  10. career
    The Case for Meh AmbitionLongtime Hollywood assistant Sona Movsesian’s new memoir is a lesson in doing less to gain the most.
  11. your next move
    ‘Should I Try to Use an Outside Job Offer to Get a Promotion?’Leveraging an external offer is helpful to get a promotion at your current job, but it takes some finesse.
  12. work
    My Breakup With Those 3 Little Words: ‘Happy to Help!’The phrase defined my ambitions — then those ambitions changed.
  13. my biggest setback
    The Good Thing About Confessing Even Giant ScrewupsFigs co-founder Heather Hasson on the error that almost derailed her fledgling company.
  14. my biggest setback
    The Power of Owning Your FailureNetflix executive Bela Bajaria on rebounding from being fired — and talking about it publicly.
  15. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Their First Big BreakFrom Julia Child’s first cooking show to Rihanna’s audition for Jay-Z at Def Jam.
  16. ambition
    The Truth About Being a Woman in Sports BroadcastingA conversation with Malika Andrews, Jenny Taft, and Colleen Wolfe.
  17. culture
    How These The Sex Lives of College Girls Stars Helped Each Other Off ScreenSherri Shepherd and Alyah Chanelle Scott find inspiration in each other’s ambitions.
  18. watch party
    Did Black Swan Predict the Plight of the Modern Worker?A movie about a ballerina overworking (and consequently destroying) herself is a cautionary tale that’s never felt more relevant.
  19. post-pandemic life
    Losing My AmbitionAfter a career of making “strategic” moves, I’m embracing mediocrity.
  20. ambition
    Who Is the Girlboss Now?On TikTok, a reckoning with the millennial striver.
  21. my biggest setback
    A Leave of Absence Is Worth It in the Long RunTheresia Gouw, co-founder of Acrew Capital, on finding personal and professional growth after her divorce.
  22. dating
    My Ambition Turns Off More Men Than It AttractsMy dates claim to want an equal partner, but experience tells me the opposite.
  23. doing the most
    It’s Never Too Late: 25 Famous Women on Starting Over in a New CareerAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cardi B, Mindy Kaling, and more famous women on starting over in a new career.
  24. culture
    June Diane Raphael No Longer Jumps at Any Acting JobThe Grace and Frankie star on how her ambition has changed.
  25. culture
    Natasha Rothwell Is in Her Brené Brown Life StageInsert “Insecure growth GIF” here.
  26. watch party
    Love & Basketball Doesn’t Sacrifice Anything for the Happy EndingThe early-aughts romantic classic reminds us that we can be our own first love.
  27. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Achieving Success Later in LifeAva DuVernay, Chloe Zhao, Toni Morrison and others discuss the benefits of being a late bloomer in their careers.
  28. power
    Men Should Be Forced to Take Parental LeaveSome new fathers opt out of company-granted days off. In an excerpt from her new book, Pay Up, Reshma Saujani argues workplaces shouldn’t let them.
  29. watch party
    Where Is the Future That Baby Boom Promised?The Diane Keaton–starring ’80s film is depressingly hopeful about the (fantasy) future for working moms.
  30. watch party
    In Norma Rae It’s Worker Solidarity First, Ambition SecondThe 1979 Sally Field classic is even more relevant today, for better or worse.
  31. sober questioning
    ‘How Can I Make Connections at Work Without Raging at Office Happy Hour?’You don’t need hangovers to get ahead.
  32. self
    The High Point of My Career Came With a Physical BreakdownChloe Benjamin, author of The Immortalists, on prioritizing her body over her ambition.
  33. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Being the BestMegan Rapinoe, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, and Kamala Harris on how good it feels to win.
  34. relationships
    I Approach Polyamory With the Same Drive I Do My WorkWithout apology and with lots of trial and error.
  35. watch party
    Maybe Don’t Take Career Advice From Valley of the DollsThe campy classic offers women little more life advice than to “sparkle, sparkle.”
  36. self
    Reclaiming My Ambition From My ‘Job’ As a Military WifeI knew I was more than my husband’s rank — I’d just forgotten.
  37. self
    I Have Two Names, Professionally SpeakingOne associated with a career that hadn’t yet hit its stride, the other linked to a brood that was still hypothetical.
  38. ambition
    25 Famous Women on How They Get Their Best IdeasKacey Musgraves, Zadie Smith, and others give tips on staying productive.
  39. ambition
    How to Know When You Should Turn Down a PromotionDenise Pickett says, “part of being ambitious is taking risks … [not] just saying yes.”
  40. doing the most
    Gloria Steinem Just Wanted to Pay Her BillsThe feminist icon on ambition, insults, and making rent in New York.
  41. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Actress and Activist Laverne Cox“I’m living the dream I had 20 years ago, when you didn’t even see transgender people on television unless they were being ridiculed.”
  42. doing the most
    ‘Never Delete Anything’: 25 Famous Women Share Advice on Managing EmailInbox tips from Marie Kondo, Nina Garcia, Shonda Rimes, and more.
  43. ambition
    The Motivating Power of Staying Pissed OffCEO Sallie Krawcheck on bad bosses, getting fired, and why it pays to stay angry.
  44. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Angelica Nwandu, Founder and CEO of The Shade Room“My assistant has to lie and tell me my meeting is an hour earlier for me to be on time. So I just leave that in her hands.”
  45. doing the most
    This Utterly Pointless Game Soothes My EgoWhen all else fails, at least I can peel a tiny spinning fruit.
  46. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Writer and Activist Naomi Klein“I feel a genuine terror about how little time we have. So I go hard.”
  47. doing the most
    ‘Turning 40 and Having Twins Made Me a Better Comedian’Actress Michelle Buteau on why she’s finally hitting her stride.
  48. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Rent the Runway and Jetblack Co-Founder Jenny FleissThe start-up veteran is a master multitasker.
  49. doing the most
    25 Famous Women on Making Tough ChoicesLena Waithe, Shonda Rhimes, Sonia Sotomayor, and other powerful women talk about laying down the law.
  50. doing the most
    Have I Run Out of Ambition?And how can I get it back?
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