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  1. for your consideration
    The Best Way to Spend the 4th of JulyTips for enjoying the long weekend when you’re not in the mood to celebrate America.
  2. asians in america
    Swallowing Our BitternessThe burden of swallowing anti-Asian racism is making America and me sick.
  3. fall fashion 2017
    A 43-Day Fashion Road TripHolly Andres started taking pictures in Portland, circled the nation, and ended in Montana. Along the way, she met these women — and their Americas.
  4. class
    Two Big Lessons a Star Sociologist Learned by Studying Trump Country for 5 Years“The seriousness and reality of that discontent, it doesn’t just reduce to racism.”
  5. The Possessive Your Guys’ Is American English at Its Rough-Spun BestThe language evolves.
  6. America Is Built to Breed Elite Workaholic MenAs American as apple pie.
  7. Going to Work When You’re Sick Is a Very Dumb and Very American IdeaPresenteeism: Sound familiar?
  8. America’s Baby-Making Rate Is the Lowest EverThe big question: Why?
  9. Dutch Are Huge, Guatemalans Were Tiny, and Other Facts From 100 Years in HeightTo see human history, consider the human body.
  10. The United States Has the Largest Parental Happiness Gap in the Developed WorldNote to self: Having kids won’t make you happier (in America).
  11. Youngs Live With Parents More Than Partners for the First Time in Modern EraWho else could they live with?
  12. do-si-do
    Pippa Middleton Danced With a Bunch of GeezersSpotted country dancing. 
  13. america!
    France Bans Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears From Daytime TVAnd ScarJo says that Parisians are being rude to her.
  14. child beauty pageants
    Let the French Children Have Their Pageants “This isn’t America.”
  15. weddings!
    Study: Love Is for the Rich Marriage is a status symbol, not a rite of passage. 
  16. Ke$ha Dresses Like Wonder Woman at a Business MeetingGlitzy ribbon headpiece and all.
  17. non-trends
    Ask a Real British Person About the Times’ New Trend PieceAlex Rees, everybody.