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  1. trendlet
    Slideshow: Eight Killer Sock-and-Sandal CombosTop picks include DVF, Madewell, Topshop, Mossimo, and more.
  2. André Leon Talley’s Visit to American Apparel’s Factory Was Unrelated to VogueDov Charney invited him over, so he went.
  3. lonesome dov
    Analyst: American Apparel Is ‘On the Cusp of Total Collapse’And not because of controversy surrounding the chain’s dress-code policy.
  4. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Makes Employees Sign $1 Million Confidentiality AgreementsAnd the soap opera continues…
  5. trendlet
    20 Best Crop Tops: Rachel Comey, Vena Cava, Mary Meyer, and MoreDon’t judge a top by its croppiness — these shirts flatter a variety of body types.
  6. First Look: BUTT Magazine Launches NSFW Beach Towels at American ApparelFor $45, a handsome, naked ‘BUTT’ model can be yours — in towel form, anyway.
  7. crimes of fashion
    How Ten Other Retailers’ Dress Codes Compare to American ApparelDov Charney thinks it’s a witch hunt. Judging by the evidence, he may be right.
  8. lonesome dov
    Dov Charney Will Answer His Phone at All Hours to Address Your American Apparel ConcernsWe know because we woke him up this morning!
  9. when leggings aren’t good enough
    Revealed in Remarkable Detail: American Apparel’s Beauty GuidelinesNo liquid foundation, no bangs, and no bleached eyebrows.
  10. backlash
    American Apparel Doesn’t Make Skimpy Painted-On Shorts in Sizes Bigger Than 6People are not happy.
  11. crimes of fashion
    American Apparel’s Battle Against Fuglies Wages On …Some employees were allegedly told they were “too top heavy” for crop tops.
  12. best bets
    Best Bet: AA’s Flower Mesh JumperThis floral-appliqué blouse looks like it could have been pulled from the spring Parisian runway.
  13. crimes of fashion
    “Off-Brand” Is the New Ugly: More Rumors About American Apparel’s Hiring Policy“Your looks determine your position and pay rate, not how effective you are at your job.”
  14. the curvy campaign
    American Apparel Rep Says Plus-Size Clothes ‘Are Not Our Demographic’Backlash has ensued.
  15. tastemakers
    Sebastian Kim Believes in $60 Jeans and Comfortable ShoesThis in-demand fashion photographer talks about shooting Alexander Wang and Morrissey in this week’s Tastemaker.
  16. downward spirals
    American Apparel’s Latest Financial MessShares tumbled 42 percent yesterday.
  17. beauty marks
    Split Ends Could Help the Gulf Coast; Jaime Pressly Is Looking BustierAlso, Marissa Jaret Winokur’s golden locks don’t go over well.
  18. crimes of fashion
    American Apparel Defends Against Allegations That It Hires Real ModelsOh, what a thing to be accused of.
  19. crimes of fashion
    Latest American Apparel Vandalism Is Not a Guerrilla Ad CampaignOne employee broke her arm in an attack on the Broadway store.
  20. will fight for clothes
    Ten Officers Injured in American Apparel Sale Riot in LondonIt looks scarier than it sounds in the video footage.
  21. recession store-ies
    American Apparel Might Open Kiosks and Airport Stores One DayIf they can undo the atrocious things this recession has wrought on them.
  22. silly hipsters
    ‘Retail Terrorists’ With Blogs Attacked American Apparel in Williamsburg [Updated]Heavens!
  23. today in creepy
    You Could Be the Butt of American ApparelLiterally!
  24. beauty marks
    Chanel Debuts New Lip Color; American Apparel Admits Breaking Bottles Caused Nail-Polish RecallNew report says sales of prestige beauty products dropped 6 percent in 2009, compared to 2008.
  25. nailed
    American Apparel Pulls New Line of Nail Polish Off ShelvesThere were quality issues with the glassware.
  26. beauty marks
    Cate Blanchett’s Goth Makeup Phase; Lanvin Updates Its Jeanne FragranceAnd Willow Pinkett-Smith shaved half of her head. She’s 9.
  27. beauty marks
    Italy to Ban Breast Implants for Minors; American Apparel Regulates Employees’ EyebrowsAnd Salma Hayek has a new haircut.
  28. loose threads
    American Apparel Profits; Nicole Richie Releases Images of Fashion LineAlso, Karl shot Anja Rubik for the spring Fendi campaign.
  29. barely legal
    American Apparel to Lose 10 Percent of WorkforceDov Charney is literally crying over this.
  30. boobs or lose
    American Apparel Can’t Advertise With Nipples in the U.K.Even if it is the back cover of ‘Vice’ magazine.
  31. overpriced t-shirt companies
    American Apparel Screens Employees for ‘Personal Style,’ Not ‘Beauty’They need employees who can properly showcase the “fashionability” of their products.
  32. the charney chronicles
    Dov Charney Denies American Apparel’s Bias on LooksThe infamous T-shirt tycoon refutes charges of lookism.
  33. charneynomics
    Dov Charney Allegedly Letting Go of Less-Attractive Staffers?The master of T-shirt sleaze demands questionably legal cuts among his less-attractive floor staff.
  34. scandale!
    1,800 American Apparel Workers Could Be DeportedNo wonder they’ve been a longtime advocate of immigration reform.
  35. this will scare you
    American Apparel’s Baby Lamé Predictably TerrifyingIt was only a matter of time.
  36. too real
    Dov Charney’s ‘Everyday Sexy’ Gets SkeweredThe Upright Citizens Brigade on Dov Charney and the sensuality of dental floss.
  37. loose threads
    Kanye West and Amber Rose Buy His-and-Hers Hoodies; Carla Bruni Contacts PETAAlso, Diane Von Furstenberg is making High Line towels.
  38. save the kids
    Since When Do Babies Cross Their Legs Like This?Apparently since American Apparel started making baby tights.
  39. make it stop
    American Apparel Has Gone Too FarThey’re trying to bring back the scrunchie.
  40. awkward publicity
    Protesters Call for Boycott of American Apparel Store in HarlemThey’re upset that the store didn’t shut for three hours on Malcolm X’s birthday.
  41. bottoms up
    American Apparel Debuts Backless Tights (NSFW, Obviously)Dov Charney has added a new pair of tights to his collection. And they’re breezy. But the image is probably NSFW.
  42. charney explains it all
    American Apparel to Pay Woody Allen $5 MillionAnd Dov Charney is on his soapbox.
  43. tastemakers
    Lulu Frost Designer Shuns Handbags, Splurges on ShoesLisa Salzer talks antique-hunting, traveling, and shopping.
  44. charney explains it all
    Dov Charney Explains Why He Put Woody Allen on a BillboardThe American Apparel chief finally speaks (well, blogs) about the multi-million-dollar lawsuit.
  45. lawsuits
    Woody Allen’s Lawsuit Against American Apparel Becomes a Hissy Battle of Pot and KettleDov Charney’s lawyers are calling Woody Allen a perv.
  46. recession store-ies
    American Apparel Could Have Gone Bankrupt Without the $80 Million Loan It Just GotDov Charney’s hipster empire came thisclose to filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy today.
  47. tastemakers
    Julie Floersch Makes Quilting CoolTechnical designer Julie Floersch talks about her line of quilted-denim accessories.
  48. dov smarmy
    American Apparel Slapped With Another LawsuitWrongful termination. Misappropriation of funds. Unfair favoring of select female employees. You know, the usual.
  49. ‘tis the season to be broke
    American Apparel Lays Off HundredsNo one is safe in this economy, not even Dov.
  50. crime and punishment
    American Apparel Faces a Lawsuit Related to, But Not Filed Directly Because of, Sexual HarassmentAn ex-accountant alleges Dov Charney fired him after he refused to cook the books.
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