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Amnesty International

  1. Mexican Women Are Being Sexually TorturedMexican authorities are using it to force confessions, according to Amnesty International.
  2. sex workers rights
    Big Bad Rent Boys, Sad Little Call Girls, and the Language of Sex WorkThe language of decriminalizing sex work.
  3. human rights
    Amnesty International Recommends Decriminalizing Sex WorkThe human-rights organization voted in favor of full decriminalization today.
  4. activism
    Lena Dunham Doubled Down on Her Stance Against Decriminalizing Sex WorkShe reiterated her opposition to an Amnesty International proposal in a series of tweets.
  5. activism
    What’s the Right Way to Protect Sex Workers?A call girl, a serial killer, and the problem with Hollywood activism.
  6. hooliganism
    Pussy Riot Takes Barclays, With Madonna and MoreA concert for freedom, including the freedom to say “pussy.”
  7. best bets
    Best Bet: Good ScentsShop for a cause this holiday season.